May 22 2020

On Thursday 21 May, the UK government announced changes to their guidelines for students with belongings left in university Halls. Under these new guidelines, students who have possessions left in Halls are now able to travel back to their university to collect them. 
To enable you to come and collect your possessions in line with the current government guidelines and as safely as possible, please book a time slot between Tuesday 26 May and Friday 19 June. Information for students who are currently overseas or are shielding, but still need to collect possessions, can be found at the bottom of this email.
We will have control measures in place to ensure that your visit to campus is as safe as possible. Please ensure that you arrive with enough time to allow you to pack and remove your possessions, sticking within your allocated time slot. We have included a set of guidelines below to ensure that your collection will be as safe and as smooth as possible.

  • Please remember to bring your College Card to gain access to your Hall, flat and room
  • Please bring bags or containers to pack your belongings to carry them safely
  • On arrival, please proceed to your Hall and park in a convenient and safe place. Please note, parking enforcement has been has been lifted during the collection period so you will not need to register your car registration beforehand
  • Please ensure that you follow the current government guidelines and local signage to maintain appropriate social distancing when using the lifts, stairs and entering into your flat
  • Please be aware that a number of students are still living in their Halls so social distancing and hand cleanliness will need to be carried out
  • As per the government guidelines, you will not be able to socialise with your flatmates or use the facilities in the communal areas to make tea etc.
  • To minimise the impact on the students still living in their Halls, we would request that you remove your possessions as quickly as possible within your allocated time slot
  • Our Residential team will be coordinating the sanitisation of touch points at key times throughout the day and will be on hand to help with any access issues. Please ensure that you follow all distancing guidelines when you come into contact with members of the team
  • Please remove all items from your room and your communal kitchen/pantry and leave the room totally free of all rubbish and personal possessions when you leave 
  • If you have received a notification that you have a parcel to collect, please go to the George Eliot Post Room. Due to social distancing measures there may be a queue, so please wait patiently and adhere to displayed signage
  • We would also advise that you maintain your own personal safety arrangements whilst on site by using appropriate protective gloves, sanitizer etc.

Please book your time slot using our online booking system. If you are unable to make your time slot please re-book an alternative one. The options for booking and collecting your possessions will be available until Friday 19 June 2020.

Students who are overseas or are currently shielding

If you have left the UK and are unable to return, or you are currently shielding or living with someone who is shielding, you may be able to book a courier/packer (this could also be a member of your family or a friend), to come and collect your possessions at a later date once restrictions are further revised. If you will require someone else to come and collect your belongings, please let us know by completing this form, and we will be in touch over the coming weeks with further details and suggested courier companies. Until you are able to arrange collection we will continue to store your belongings, which may require us to pack your room.
We will try to respond to any emails sent to as quickly as possible, but please appreciate that due to the current circumstances and increased email queries, there may be a delay in responding.
Thank you for your patience during these unusual times. Please do not hesitate to contact should you require any assistance during your collection slot.