Jan 08 2021

Congratulations to Marcel Armour and James Whaley who's teams placed first and second in the Country-2-Country 2020 (C2C2020) - an inaugural, online capture the flag competition organised by the International Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (INCS-CoE).

The competition was closely fought to the end, with impressive individual and team performances and involved around 150 student finalists from 21 universities across the world competing to solve cyber security related challenges over a marathon 24-hour period.

Marcel Armour, said: “Competing in the inaugural C2C2020 was an honour and an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and tools, as well as getting to work with some amazing teammates and against some brilliant competitors. As someone who is relatively new to the world of capture the flag, this was a great chance to put some skills I’ve been working on to the test in a friendly and exciting environment. The CTF was well run with a variety of thought provoking challenges for all skill levels. I’d like to thank all the organisers for their hard work and the sponsors for supporting the event and my awesome team mates.”

James Whaley added: “I had great fun and got to chat with people from around the world. I owe our placement to the cooperation of my teammates.”

Discover more about the competition here.