Sep 09 2021

Please note that from Wednesday 15 September to Sunday 19 September some car parks will be closed for staff parking due to student arrivals onto campus. Please find below details of car parks which will be closed to staff due to student arrivals and details of alternative car parks available for staff parking. 

Car parks closed to staff due to student arrivals:

  • Car park 4 (Estates car park)
  • Car park 6a (Rear of the Hub)
  • Car park 7
  • Car park 8 (Rear of Runnymede)
  • Car park 9
  • Car park 14

Car parks available for staff parking:

  • Car park 2 (rear of EWD)
  • Car park 3 (opposite SU)
  • Sports Centre car park
  • Katharine Worth car park
  • Harvest Road Church car park

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.