Nov 29 2022

JogOn group landscapeJogOn donation landscap

We have partnered with JogOn, a charity that removes one million pairs of trainers from landfill.  

JogOn is an initiative to recycle trainers regardless of their state to ensure that they don’t end up in landfill. They inspect each pair that is donated and decides if they can be reused or if they need to be shredded and recycled.  

If the trainers are in good condition, they are donated to UK charities abroad via non-profit organisations to support charities and local communities. If they have passed their shelf life, they are shredded to be recycled into something else.  

If you have an old pair of trainers you’d like to donate, you can recycle them on our Egham campus at either the Sports Centre or the Volunteering Hub at the side of the Davison building

For more information about JogOn, visit their website here.