Mar 01 2018

Please note:

Due to the snowy weather across campus, some of the activities we had planned will no longer be going ahead.
However, a number of information stands will still be available in the Windsor Building, including Royal Holloway Sport​, Student Wellbeing and Mindapples​, the free 15 minute complementary therapist sessions, Mindfulness taster sessions and Mandala meditation colouring will also be taking place, as planned.

 University Mental Health Day is a national campaign that focuses efforts on promoting the mental health of people who live, work and study in universities. In support of this campaign, a variety of different events will be taking place across campus on Thursday 1 March.

The main aim of the campaign is to:

  • Improve students' and colleagues awareness of support and promote a sense of belonging.
  • Improve the general understanding of the role the environment and community can play in protecting student and colleague’s mental health.
  • Raise awareness of the different challenges students and colleagues may face with regards to support for their mental health.

On 1 March throughout the course of the day there will be various different activities taking place across campus including:

Information stands in the Windsor Building Foyer from 10am – 3pm

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - information and leaflets available to colleagues on the support that is available to them.
  • Student Support Services - information and leaflets available to students on support that is available. 
  • Royal Holloway Sports Centre - free gym passes for one gym session will be handed out to students and colleagues who attend this stand.
  • Mindapples - Mindapples are day-to-day activities that are good for your mind.   We’ll be encouraging people to fill in their 5-a–day Mindapples on ‘applecards’ to add to our tree to help spread the positive messages about looking after our minds. 

Mindful meditation taster sessions

  • Students and colleagues are invited to 25 minute taster mindful meditation sessions led through a simple form of meditation involving awareness of your body and breath. Sessions will be led by Sophia Mason and will take place in the Large Boardroom in the Founder's Building at the following times: (please note, registration is free, but booking is essential)

Meditation Mandala colouring sessions

  • The sessions, led by Moya Watson, will begin with a brief explanation of the history of Mandalas and how they can be used to relieve stress and to clear the mind. There will then be a short breathing exercise to prepare for the main Mandala colouring meditation session. A selection of printed templates will be provided to choose from, along with limited colouring pencils to borrow for those who need them, but do please bring your own colouring materials to use. The sessions will be held at the following times: (please note, registration is free, but booking is essential)
    10am-12pm, Room 351 Wolfson Building
    1-3pm, George Eliot room 1-04
  • Colouring pencils and books will also be placed in all the food outlets across campus, excluding the Café on Square, for you to get creative!

Complementary therapist sessions

  • Students and colleagues are invited to a free 15 minute complementary therapist sessions with Mary Rayner at MARA Wellbeing, from 9am-5.30pm in Founder's West Room 173. 
  • Sessions include indian head massage, hand and arm massage, and foot and leg massages. 
  • Please call 07922 696403 or email: to book -only one free sessions only per person. 

 Royal Holloway Sports Centre - free yoga classes

  • From Monday 26 February until Friday 2 March, the Sports Centre will be offering free yoga classes to all students and colleagues. The sessions can be booked over the phone - 01784 443892, or via email, and will be held at the following times:
    -  Monday morning 07.30 – 08.30 Sports Hall
    - Tuesday Evening (Staff Yoga) 17.30 – 18.30 Gowar & Wedderburn Common Room
    - Tuesday Evening (Yoga) 18.30 – 19.30 Gowar & Wedderburn Common Room
    - Friday morning 07.30 – 08.30 Sports Hall
    - Saturday morning 09.15 – 10.15 Gowar & Wedderburn Common Room.