Jul 03 2018

Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles) are becoming commonplace in the skies above our heads.

In order to ensure we operate these unmanned aircraft in a safe manner, in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements and permissions, and before developing our own institutional procedures, the following requirements will apply and must be complied with:

  1. The flying of drones (of any size or weight) for recreational purposes and private use on land either owned or occupied by the College is prohibited.
  2. The flying of drones in connection with College business (including research) must be reported to the College at least three weeks prior to the planned flight date, or sooner if possible. This also includes situations where the flying of the drone is to be carried out by a third party.

Furthermore, it is a condition of the College’s insurance that a risk assessment must be completed for each drone flight, taking into account relevant regulations and permissions.  

These requirements are effective from today.

All enquiries relating to drone use, including the above notification of use should be sent to drones@royalholloway.ac.uk

Together we can ensure the continued safe and responsible use of drones.

Matt Purcell

Director of Health and Safety