Sep 07 2018

As many of you may be aware, yesterday (Thursday 7 September) British Airways announced that they had experienced a data breach which saw personal and financial details of their customers compromised.

They have stated that about 380,000 transactions were affected, between 10.58pm on Wednesday 21 August and 9.45pm on Wednesday 5 September. but the stolen data did not include travel or passport details. BA have since stated that the breach has now been resolved, and all customers affected were contacted yesterday evening. 

They have also warned users affected by the breach to be aware of emails or calls asking for more information to help deal with the data breach, as hackers can often pose as police, banks or even pretend to be from BA themselves. BA have also confimred that the only email address they will use to contact users who have been affected is Users are also urged to change their online passwords, and closely monitor their bank and credit card details. 

You can find out more information about the data breach, and what to do if you have been affected here