Georgia Kennedy, a first-year Law student and scholarship holder, told us what she enjoys about studying at Royal Holloway:

"Royal Holloway has helped me grow both intellectually and socially. The tight knit community has made meeting new people and making what I hope to be life long friends so much easier than people would think at a university this size. Not only are the students tightly knit but the departments are too.

The School of Law is, and will remain, a relatively small group of no more than 100 students which makes interacting with lecturers and course leaders all the more beneficial, you feel like there is an actual connection with them as they know all students by name, which is rare in many universities.

The Magna Carta Scholarship offered by this law school has really helped me too, it has taken away the stress and worries of extra fees and has also made me feel more confident in my work. I would urge people to apply as everyone has the chance to succeed in the application and it will show that if you believe in yourself and take a chance, you can achieve things you didn’t think were possible."

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