Charlotte McDonnell is a Media Arts student and the secretary for our active Basketball team at Royal Holloway.

She started playing basketball in her final year at school and fell in love with the sport but it wasn’t until she came to Royal Holloway that she started to play basketball seriously.

When Charlotte was asked about what basketball is like here, she said:

“Joining the basketball team has completely enhanced my university experience! Not only do I spend a lot of my time on the basketball court at training sessions and games but also the members of basketball club are my best friends and family at university.

“Basketball is a sport that relies heavily on teamwork and therefore the bond that grows between our players is extremely strong. It is also the best way to blow off some steam and get away from the stresses of uni work and exams for a few hours in the day.”

You can read Charlotte’s full interview here.

We have 38 sports teams, giving you plenty of options to try something new or continue to play a sport you love once you’re a student here.

If sport isn’t really your vibe, we have over 100 societies for you to choose from, including one dedicated to all things Harry Potter. Our societies cover a wide range of subjects, interests, cultures and beliefs.

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