Student surveys 2019




Review something that really matters by taking part in your student survey.

It’s quick to complete and you’ll be helping prospective students make the right choices of where and what to study. 


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Our postgraduate research survey is upen until Friday 17 May and the Office for Students postgraduate taught survey is open until Friday 16 August. 

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Why are the surveys important?

By completing your survey, you will:

Help prospective students decide where to study

The responses you give in your survey are published on websites like UniStats, which prospective students look at when deciding where to study. By completing your survey, you'll be letting them know what your overall experience was like studying at Royal Holloway.

Help us improve

We read every survey response you give us, and every department has to make an action plan to respond to these surveys. The responses students have given us in the past are why we've built the new Emily Wilding Davison Building and now have the Boilerhouse Cafe.


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