The complaints process


If you have a justified complaint which relates to an academic or administrative department or a College service (other than those which are disqualified), you should follow the procedures set out below.

It is hoped that the first informal stage will enable many concerns to be resolved to your satisfaction amicably and quickly (in general, informal complaints should be responded to within around five working days of raising the concern). We therefore encourage you to seek to resolve any difficulties informally in the first instance. A complaint that cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally may then be submitted formally.

If you have a justified formal complaint, you should submit this as quickly as possible and within three months of the incident or action being complained about. Please do not wait until your results are published for fear that raising complaints at the time will adversely affect your grades; this is not the case and will only lead to possible regrets and dissatisfaction as retrospective complaints cannot be investigated unless in exceptional circumstances.

Please see the Informal Complaint Flowchart for clarification of this process. 

An electronic copy of the Formal Complaint Form can be found here

Making a Complaint


The investigation of a Fomal Complaint


The outcome of a Formal Complaint