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Royal Holloway hopes and expects that you will be satisfied with your experience in the College, and indeed is always pleased to hear about particularly good aspects of your experiences, but it also recognises that there may be circumstances where you may not be satisfied. 

This complaint process is intended to deal with circumstances in which, as a result of your experience at Royal Holloway, you have a complaint about the College’s provision of services or facilities that you wish to be investigated.

You must read the Complaint Procedure alongside the following guidance pages before submitting a complaint. 

If you have a justified formal complaint, you should submit this as quickly as possible and within three months of the incident or action being complained about.

Whether to make a complaint

How to have your views heard

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What cannot be raised under the Complaint Procedure


What can be raised under the Complaint Procedure


How to make a complaint

If you still believe that you have a justified complaint relating to an academic or administrative department or service not disqualified above, please follow the guidance pages and FAQ's on The Complaints Process.