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How to have your views heard


There are many ways in which comments, concerns or suggestions about particular aspects of College life may be made:

  • Personal Advisers or Tutors who may be able to help with problems
  • Student Staff Committees can provide a general means of communicating and resolving difficulties. Each programme of study should have a designated Student Staff Committee Representative who can be contacted (details can usually be found on department webpages)
  • Feedback surveys on teaching , administration and other support services can be completed e.g. Feedback on individual courses and feedback at the end of the programme by NSS
  • The Students’ Union Advice & Support Centre can offer advice on how else to voice your concerns (tel. +44 (0)1784 276700)

Most problems should be resolved through these methods. The complaints procedure is only intended to deal with complaints that cannot be resolved this way or those for which a more formal procedure is appropriate.

Therefore, a clear idea of what you want to see happen as a result of your complaint is essential. This must be considered carefully along with whether this outcome could not be obtained through a more informal method.