What can be raised under the Complaint Procedure


Complaints relating to the following areas can be addressed though the complaints procedure, but where appropriate must be raised informally with the relevant department or service first:

Category 1: Teaching and Assessment

(a)   Teaching

For example, complaints about the delivery of teaching including lecture preparation, content and resources

(b)   Tutorial and academic pastoral support

For example, complaints about tutorial support or academic pastoral care. This category also includes complaints about inappropriate staff behaviour, the provision of academic advice, guidance and supervision, particularly dissertation supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level

(c)    Curriculum

For example, complaints about deviations from the programme specification regarding curriculum content, quality issues or withdrawal of courses

Category 2: University Services

(a)   School administrative services

For example, complaints relating to any aspect of school support services including technical support and non academic pastoral care

(b)   Central administrative services

For example, complaints about services offered by central administrative departments, for example, Registry or Student Services

Category 3: Other Services & General

(a)   Other

Complaints which do not fit into any of the above categories

(b)   General

Complaints which are more general