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Notification of absence


South Western Railway – RMT Industrial Action

Industrial action is taking place between 2 December and 2 January on South Western Railway affecting all services at the railway stations close to the College.  Although fewer trains will be running, the railway have announced that more than half of the normal Monday to Friday services are expected to run, prioritising capacity during peak periods. 

Students using train services are therefore are advised to check the adjusted timetable and allow longer to travel to enable them to attend classes as normal.  If there are extreme circumstances on a given day which mean you are unable to attend classes, for example the cancellation of multiple trains, you should submit a notification of absence stating the details of why you could not attend with appropriate evidence.  Evidence may include photos or screenshots of train cancellations.

Notification of Absence

If you are unable to attend College for whatever reason (please see above for information relating to the RMT Industrial action) you must notify Student Administration by completing the online Notification of Absence Form found below. This must be submitted to Student Administration together with the relevant supporting documentation either before your absence or within five working days of the end of the period of absence. You may also need to notify your School of your absence, for example, if you have missed assessment deadlines. Additional department specific guidance is given in your department Student Handbook.

Please read and take note of your responsibilities relating to absence as, in signing a Notification of Absence Form, you agree that you have read and understood them.


It is your responsibility to:

  1. Advise Student Administration of any absence. You should follow any guidelines specific to your department given in the Departmental Student Handbook as you may be required to meet formally with an academic tutor or supervisor.
  2. Submit a Notification of Absence Form online with the relevant supporting documentation either before your absence or within FIVE working days of the end of the period of absence.
  3. Keep in touch with your department should you be absent for a prolonged period
  4. Make up any work you have missed due to your absence.
  5. Agree a revised deadline for any missed assessment(s) due to your absence. Please contact your School for further advice.

 Please be aware that

  1. The submission of a Notification of Absence Form does not automatically mean that the absence is acceptable and that it is at the discretion of Student Administration as to whether any absence is deemed acceptable or unacceptable. If the absence should be deemed as unacceptable it will be recorded as such and count against the minimum attendance level.
  2. Although a specific individual absence may be deemed acceptable, if your overall attendance drops below the minimum level and/or your submission of work is deemed not to be satisfactory by your department, then College disciplinary procedures will still be followed.
  3. The notification of absence, whether it is deemed acceptable or unacceptable, does not constitute grounds for appeal against a course or programme failure or failure to progress to the next stage of study.

What if I can't attend my exam?

If you are unable to attend a formal examination you should follow the guidance in the Essential Examinations Information.

Forms and supporting evidence

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Acceptable reasons for absence