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Student Complaints


Royal Holloway hopes and expects that you will be satisfied with your experience in the College, and indeed is always pleased to hear about particularly good aspects of your experiences, but it also recognises that there may be circumstances where you may not be satisfied. 

The College continually seeks feedback from students and offers a number of different forums in which your feedback can be recorded and used to make changes for you, your peers and future students at the College. You may wish to use one of these methods to record your views and further details can be found in the ‘How to have your views heard’ section.

If you wish to make a complaint about the College’s provision of services or facilities, the Student Complaints Procedure sets out the process and how such complaints will be investigated.

Each service directorate and academic department at the College offers a student focused approach to resolving problems and will seek to resolve issues before they escalate into a formal complaint. You should therefore raise any issues directly to the service or department concerned to allow an opportunity to explore solutions. If, having done so, you are still dissatisfied and don’t feel that the issue has been resolved, you may decide to submit a formal complaint.  Providing your complaint is eligible for consideration, an independent investigation into the issues you have raised will be undertaken.

A complaint can arise in relation to different aspects of your academic career but it may not always be appropriate for your concerns to be considered under Student Complaint Procedure. Before submitting a formal complaint, please read the Complaint Procedure Guidance to determine the right course of action for you. The Guidance will help you determine if you have an eligible formal complaint and will support you through the process.

Please note, complaints must be submitted within three months of the incident or action being complained about and you are therefore encouraged to submit your formal complaint as quickly as possible.


First steps towards resolving an issue

 Before making a formal complaint, there are a number of steps we ask you to take so that the College has the opportunity to try and resolve the problem.

How to have your views heard

Early Resolution




What issues can be considered under the Complaints Process

What cannot be raised under the Complaints Procedure



If you have raised the problem with the area of the College concerned and the issue has still not been satisfactorily resolved, you may wish to consider submitting a formal complaint.  Before you do so, please read the Student Complaints Procedure guidance on the following pages. 



The Students Complaints Procedure