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Reference Requests

If you need a reference from us to confirm your study details, or require a more personal reference, you can find all the information you need on this page.

How do I know which reference I need?

Non-personal/professional reference

A non-personal reference will provide confirmation of your study details, including the dates that you studied at the College, what you studied, and any awards given. These references are requested directly by employers and, with your consent, the Student Services Centre can provide them with this confirmation. From 1 April, this will be provided through the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (Hedd) online verification service. Click here to find out more.

Personal reference or academic letter of recommendation

A personal reference is written by an academic, and will cover a more personal overview, attesting to your personality and character.

Usually an academic letter of recommendation is associated with moving to another Higher Education Institution or moving on to further degrees. This letter will focus on specific skills and your academic merit.


How do I request a reference?

We’ve put together some handy flowcharts to help guide you through the process of requesting a reference. Click the box below depending on the type of reference you require. The boxes in green highlight any actions you’ll need to take as a current or former student.


Can I have a copy of my study and award details?

If you’re a current student and you’d like a copy of your study or results details so far, you can download this straight from Campus Connect! Visit our Student Status Certificate or Interim Transcript webpages for more information.

If you’ve been awarded your degree, check out our proof of award page for more information about how to order copies of your required document through our Online Store.

Requesting a reference for a former or current student?

If you’re an employer and would like further information about how to request confirmation of a current or former student’s study details or qualifications, please visit our Qualification Check webpage.

Non-personal reference

Non-personal reference with confirmation of study details

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Personal reference

Or Academic Letter of Recommendation

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