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Request a Short Term Study Visa letter

If you’re an international student coming back into the UK from your home country to complete re-sit exams, you may need to apply for a Short Term Study visa. To support your visa application, you can request a Short Term Study Visa Letter from us.

Do I need a Short Term Study Visa Letter?

Visa holding students who are registered as “re-sit not in attendance” will generally need to return home and then re-enter the UK shortly before the exams period on a Short Term Study Visa. If you're not sure whether or not this applies to you, please check with our International Student Support Office.

Three months before the exam period is due to start, we’ll be able to provide you with a letter to help with your visa application. This letter contains the same information as your Student Status Certificate with an additional sentence confirming the dates that you are required to be in the UK for the exams period.

How can I request a copy?

You can request a Short Term Study Visa Letter by completing our quick and easy online request form.

We aim to process all requests for this letter within one to two working days.

Getting help with your visa application

Our International Student Support Team are here to help you with your visa application. If you've got any questions about your application, please see their website for further advice or you can drop them an email.

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