Undergraduate Extenuating Circumstances Form


  • UNDERGRADUATE - Instructions
    You will need to complete this Form in one sitting. There is no `save' function. As there is limited space on this online Form to provide full details of your circumstances. You will need to have prepared a statement outlining your full circumstances before completing the form. This should be saved as an MSWord or PDF document which can be uploaded at the end of the Form along with your accompanying evidence.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have fully completed all sections of this form, and all information provided is concise and relevant.
  • What will happen next?
    If your form is not fully completed and/or does not have the appropriate documentary evidence, your application will not be considered. For more detailed information please read the`Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for Students' found on the `Sitting or Submitting' web page. If you require any assistance in completing this form, please consult your Personal Tutor or the Students' Union.
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement that we have received your Application. If you do not receive the acknowledgement, please email ECs@royalholloway.ac.uk.
  • Upon receipt, your extenuating circumstances submission will be reviewed by a member of the Student Administration team. If you declared anything which gives the team cause for concern regarding your own wellbeing, or that of others, your contact details will be passed to the Student Advisory and Wellbeing team to ensure you receive any necessary support.
  • Your Application will be reviewed by the Extenuating Circumstances Committee who meet at regular intervals throughout the academic year. They will decide if you have a valid case for extenuating circumstance/s to be considered. The Committee will make recommendations for appropriate action according to the College Regulations. Accepted applications and Committee recommendations will be put forward to your School's next Progression and Awards Board (SPAB) who will make the final decision. You will be informed by email whether or not the Extenuating Circumstances Committee has accepted your application. If your application is accepted and put forward to your application to your School Progression and Award Board. You will be notified of their decision after they have convened.
  • What should I NOT use this form for?
    This form SHOULD NOT be used to apply for an extension to submit written work. Please log in to your Campus Connect account and apply through the Extension System before the submission deadline.