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Our College regulations and procedures


Our general regulations

When you complete your online enrolment with Royal Holloway you agree that you have read, understood and accept to be bound by all our General Regulations, codes of practice and policies.  Most of our policies are about responsible behaviour.  They set out your responsibilities as a student, both academic and non-academic, and set out our responsibilities to you.  Breaking any of these regulations could lead to us restricting your access to some services and, in very severe cases, lead to you being expelled from Royal Holloway.

You can download our complete General Regulations [PDF], which includes everything that applies to you as a student, or you can look through our individual regulations in the areas below.

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Download the 2022/2023 General Regulations [PDF]

Download the 2021/2022 General Regulations [PDF]

Download the 2020/2021 General Regulations [PDF]

Download the 2019/2020 General Regulations [PDF]  

Download the 2018/19 General Regulations [PDF]

Download the 2017/18 General Regulations [PDF]

Download the 2016/17 General Regulations [PDF]

your responsibilities as a student

Including regulations on student behaviour, disciplinary proceedings, fees, intellectual property and freedom of speech

At her laptop

attendance and academic regulations

Including regulations about assessments, your conduct during assessments and access arrangements

Doing maths at the blackboard

using college facilities

Including parking, use of IT, use of the Library and student accomodation

Walking through the door

your information

Including our data protection policy and the terms and conditions for using your College Card


students' union

Regulations about the operation of the Students' Union

Student's Union

health and safety

Including our policy about health and safety, smoking and laser safety

Security Guard's badge

Further useful links

Including the Student Data Collection Notice, Prevent Policy, Student Accommodation Policy and Statement of Investment Policy

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