Withdrawal of study - undergraduate overseas students


It is advisable that you follow the below steps in order to ensure you submit your request successfully:

1. Use Google Chrome to access the form;

2. Delete cached data and cookies before you start completing the form;

3. When navigating through the form, ONLY use the ‘Previous’/ ‘Next Page’ buttons on the form (bottom of the page). DO NOT use any browser or keyboard buttons.


  • This form should be completed by undergraduate students with an 'Overseas' fee status.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to read all this information provided on this form and complete the form in full with the requested information.
  • All required fields need to be completed before you press the ‘Submit’ button
  • You should follow ALL the instructions on this page in order to ensure you submit your request successfully.
  • You need to insert your valid College email address in the format specified below in order to proceed to the following page of this form. To start this process, please enter your Royal Holloway email below: