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Update your study location


Starting Your Studies Online

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic means there is a lot of uncertainty, particularly for students resident outside the UK who have faced ongoing travel restrictions. Therefore we know some students have had to start their studies online this year.

We also understand that students may need to change their study location to move from on campus attendance to studying online, for example if you are affected by a local lockdown. 

All courses for the 2020/21 academic year have been set-up to combine face-to-face and online teaching and learning support. For courses where some aspects of the teaching and learning experience might be more difficult and challenging to undertake online, for example key practical and fieldwork activities, those aspects have been moved to later in the academic year to give you the best chance of being able to take part in-person. When you do arrive on campus, you can therefore be confident that as long as you have kept up with the work of the class online, you will be able to join the class in-person and carry on with your studies without interruption.

If you are starting your studies online please remember you are expected to engage fully with the sessions held online and our engagement and attendance policies will apply to all online sessions as they would with a face-to-face session.  For further information on engagement and attendance please see here.

We believe that the opportunity to engage face-to-face with academic staff and other students is an important part of your university experience and so as soon as your able to travel or attend classes in-person you should make this move and update your study location to indicate that you will be attending teaching ‘On Campus’ (in person).

Updating your Study Location

We asked you to indicate in the Online Sign-up process whether you thought you were going to start studies ‘Off Campus’(online) either overseas or elsewhere in the UK. If your situation has changed since you completed Online Sign-up you will need to update your study location:

1.  Update your contact details

  • Login to Campus Connect (
  • Click on the "My personal details" tab
  • In the "Study Location & Method" section update your study location from the drop-down menu and then select ‘Save Change’
  • If your term time address is also changing as a result of your change in study location please also ensure that you update your ‘personal’ address in the ‘update your contact detail’s’ section.


2. Inform your School of your change in study location

School contact details are available on the 202021 Information Hub

Many teaching activities can be accessed online or in person at the same time and so your timetable will not change with your change in study location.  For these blended activities, your timetable will list a room on campus so you can attend this when you are on campus, but if you are studying online you can also join the MS Teams meeting at the same time that the event is taking place in person.  However, for some activities your School will need to update your timetable so you can attend the correct in-person or online activity based on your study location. 

Where a change is required your school will contact you with your updated timetable and this will then be reflected in your online timetable and the attendance system.  Do not worry if this results in some missed sessions whilst your timetable is updated; this will not be held against you in consideration of your attendance and engagement record.


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