Our checklist

You're nearly ready to set off and start one of the biggest adventures of your life so far. Make sure you don't forget anything by working through our checklist on this page.

Things to do before you arrive

Complete your online sign-up with Royal Holloway
Find out more on our Enrolment web pages.
Change your Royal Holloway account password
We sent you a temporary password in your welcome email – change yours now online.
Arrange payment of your tuition fees
You can pay your fees online.
Accept your hall accommodation contract and make your pre-payment (if applicable)
You'll receive an email from us with a link to accept your contract before Welcome Week.
Book an arrival slot for your hall and print off your Arrivals Day parking permit
We'll email you before Welcome Week asking you to book your arrive slot.
Upload a photo for your College Card
You can upload a photo online using Campus Connect.
Join us on Facebook
Add your new Royal Holloway email account to your mobile or tablet
Download your free copy of Microsoft Office
It's free for all Royal Holloway students, and you can download yours as soon as you've completed online sign-up. 
Check your vaccinations
The NHS recommends that new students get the Men ACWY vaccine before leaving for university - it's free from your GP.

Stuff to bring with you

Your arrival pass and photo ID (if you're moving in to Halls)
Your current passport
Your NHS medical card (if you have one)
Some recent bank statements
Your Royal Holloway account username and password
Your student loan paperwork or proof of sponsorship (if applicable)
Your visa (if applicable)
Your National Insurance number (if applicable)
Some recent passport-sized photos

Things to do when you get here

Visit your Hall's key collection point to collect your room key and sign in (if you're living in Halls)
Register with our health centre
Find out how to do this online here.
Go to your departmental induction and social event
Add money to your Campus Account on your College Card
… and you won’t pay VAT on most food and hot drinks on campus!  Find out how to get started with your Campus Account here.
Attend your identity check so you can complete Enrolment and collect your College Card
You can do this in the Windsor Building any time between 10am and 6pm from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 September. (note that if you're a pre-sessional English language programme student you'll already have a College Card, so you don't need to do this again).
Register to vote in your new constituency
Attend your Hall of Residence or off-campus welcome talk
This introduction talk will introduce you to your Hall Life team and tell you all about Welcome Week and the year ahead.
Take advantage of your Students' Union membership
You can now join clubs or societies and get into SU events!  Find out more on the SU website.
Try an Active lifestyle and Sports membership
Members get access to our fitness suite and exercise classes.  It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy while you study!
Take part in the Choose survey
Our Choose survey is a quick way for you to win prizes while helping us understand what influences what you think about your career prospects – find out more on our Choose survey website.

Things you might need when you move into Halls

Your new address
You can have post delivered direct to you in your Hall as long as it’s properly addressed – find out how to write your new address here.
Bath and hand towels
Duvet/quilt covers and pillow cases
If you’re moving into Halls we'll provide you with duvets and pillows, but you'll still need to bring your own covers.
Alarm clock
Chargers for your electronics
Door wedge
Keep your bedroom door open to welcome new Hallmates!
Ear plugs
Extra clothes hangers
First aid stuff
Your laptop or other computer
Laptop case or bag
Of loved ones, memorable foes, etc.
Power adapter
All the plug sockets at Royal Holloway take UK BS 1363 plugs – if your electronics come from another country you’ll probably need an adapter to plug them in.
By which we mean pens and pencils and so on rather than your own letterheaded paper.
USB memory sticks
A TV licence
If you watch live TV or catchup or on demand TV on BBC iPlayer in your room you'll need a TV licence.

Things you might need if you're self-catering

Bottle opener
Cheese grater
Chopping board
Chopping knives
Coffee maker
Flat baking tray
Kitchen scissors
Large saucepan (with a lid)
Measuring jug
Microwaveable bowl
Mixing bowl
Pizza cutter
Note you might be one of those people who prefer to cut your pizza using your kitchen scissors, in which case you won’t need this.
Small casserole dish
Small frying pan
Small saucepan (with lid)
Tea towels
Tin opener
Vegetable peeler
Wok or large frying pan (with lid)
Wooden spoons or spatulas
Plates, bowls, mugs and cups.
Knives, forks, spoons.
Pint glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses and whisky glasses.

Things you won't need!

A car
If you’re living on campus or in the local community you won’t need a car to get in to Royal Holloway – plus if you live less than 1.5 miles away you won’t be allowed to park on campus.  Find out more on our parking web pages.
A-Level text books
Your course will probably quickly move past anything your old textbooks cover, plus we’ve got a Library stacked full of books relevant to your course.
Electric hobs and camping stoves
Aka ‘massive and unnecessary fire hazards’ – just leave them at home.
Fairy lights
If you’re moving into Halls your room will be kitted out with appropriate furniture, and most private accommodation for students locally is usually furnished. The only time you might need to bring your own furniture is for special medical reasons (contact us if you think that’s you).
Incense and candles
Fire hazard!
An 18+ Student Oyster Photocard
Don’t throw away £20 – you’re probably not eligible for this concession!  If you’re moving into Halls on campus or living in Egham, Staines or Englefield Green you’re not eligible for the 18+ Student Oyster Photocard because you live outside of London.  If you apply, your application will be rejected and you’ll lose the £20 fee.  If you’re not sure, email us before you apply.
Ridged suitcases
Because they’re tricky to store.
Shisha pipes
Be nice to your neighbours and don’t bass them out.