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Our Hall Life team are here to support you during your time in Halls and help you settle in to university life. We put on a range of events where you can meet new people and try new things. Our team is made up of fellow students who have all lived in Halls before and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you.  

Your welcome to Halls induction 

When you arrive in halls you'll be given a presentation by your Hall Life team which will give you all the information you need on what to expect from living in halls. For undergraduate students this also includes a hot meal and for postgraduate students, your induction will be followed by a drinks reception and light refreshments. 

Where there are multiple groups for Halls listed below, you will alloacted a time for your talk when you check in, however the information below will give you a good indication of when this is likely to be. 

Please note that induction talks are compulsory. 


Welcome to Halls induction - Saturday 21 September
Time   Hall Venue
6pm  George Eliot UG - group 1 Windsor Auditorium
6pm  Founders East Founders Lecture Theatre
6pm Kingswood 1 Kingswood Dining Hall
6.15pm Founders West Founders Lecture Theatre
6:15pm George Eliot UG - group 2  Windsor Auditorium
6.30pm Reid Windsor Auditorium
6.45pm Wedderburn group 1 Windsor Auditorium
7.00pm Wedderburn group 2 Windsor Auditorium
7pm Kingswood 2 (group A) Kingswood Dining Hall
7.15pm Runnymede 1 (group A) Windsor Auditorium
7.30pm Runnymede 1 (group B) Windsor Auditorium
7.30pm Kingswood 2 (group B) Kingswood Dining Hall
7.45pm Butler, Tuke & Williamson Windsor Auditorium


Welcome to Halls induction - Sunday 22 September
Time   Hall Venue
6pm  Butler  Windsor Auditorium
6.15pm  Runnymede 2 & Williamson Windsor Auditorium
6.30pm  Penrose & Runnymede 2 (postgraduate) Windsor Auditorium
6.30pm Highfield, Kingswood 1 & Butler (postgraduate)
Windsor Auditorium
6.30pm  George Eliot (postgraduate)
Windsor Auditorium


Welcome to Halls induction - Monday 23 September
 Time  Hall Vennue
6pm  George Eliot, Reid & Williamson (returners)  Windsor Auditorium 
6.15pm Runnymede & Founders (returners) Windsor Auditorium 
6.30pm  Gowar (returners) Windsor Auditorium 


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