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Are you interested in living in Halls in 2019/20? Maybe you're looking for accommodation over the exam period or have a 30 week contract and want to stay in Halls over the vacation period? Find out all you need to know about applying for Halls in 2019/20 as a continuing student below.

There are many benefits that come with living in Halls, including:

  • No agency or application fees
  • Utility bills are included (e.g. electricity, gas, WiFi and water)
  • No deposit (there is a £300 pre-payment to accept your offer, but this is deducted from your first term's accommodation fees)
  • Campus security on call 24/7
  • Perfect location to support your studies

When can I apply?

Applications for Halls accommodation for continuing students on a full time programme in 2019/20 opened on 16 January 2019.

Applications received at this time will be added to the waiting list.

Accommodation for 2019/20

We’ll prioritise you for an offer of accommodation as a continuing student, on a full-time programme, if you meet one of the following criteria for 2019/20:

  • You’ve been given a recommendation for accommodation by the Disability and Dyslexia Services team
  • You’re a Choral, Instrumental, Organ or Sports Scholar, or in receipt of a Bioscience Scholarship
  • You’re a Sabbatical Officer
  • You're a Chapel Warden
  • You're a Hall Life Duty Officer or Assistant

If you meet one of these criteria, to qualify for the priority, you must submit an application for accommodation within the application window of Wednesday 16 January 2019 from 12noon to Wednesday 29 May 2019.

Accommodation priority for 2019/20

Applications from students who are returning from a year abroad or a year in industry will be prioritised as long as you submit your application for accommodation within the window of Wednesday 16 January from 12noon to Wednesday 29 May 2019.

Regulations and eligibility

Under the Student Conduct Regulations, your application for accommodation will be rejected if you have received a penalty for misconduct which prevents you from living in Halls for the remainder of your programme.

Under the Student Fees Regulations, your application may also be rejected if you have previously defaulted on an accommodation fee payment whilst living in Halls.

Please note your progression reccommendation may impact your eligibility to live in Halls for the 2019/20 academic year. If this applies to you, you will be sent an email with further details once the results and progression reccommendations have been released in July 2019.

What if I miss the priority application window?

You can still apply for accommodation after the window has closed but your application will be processed on a first-come first-served basis alongside all other applications. We won't be able to guarantee or prioritise applications received after 29 May 2019.

When all available rooms have been allocated, any further applicants will be placed on a waiting list for consideration as soon as a room becomes available.

What bands can I apply for?

As a continuing student in 2019/20, you'll be able to apply for the following Halls of Residence bands. Please visit our Halls webpages further information on each of the options.

Continuing undergraduates

Bands A, B, D1, F, H1 and J

Continuing postgraduates

Bands V, W and Y

Please note that if you were living in Halls during 2018/19, you will not necessarily be offered the same Hall or room in 2019/20.

How much will it cost?

Click here to find out more about the accommodation fees for continuing students in 2019/20

Can I live with my friends?

We've currently got a waiting list for accommodation in 2019/20 for continuing students. Therefore we're unable to accept any further requests to live with friends.


I'm on the waiting list, when will I hear?

If you haven’t yet received an offer for 2019/20 accommodation, your application has been automatically added to the waiting list. Whilst there is a chance we may be able to make you an offer for a room in Halls, we’re unable to predict when or if this might happen. If we are able to offer you a room we will send you an email, but make sure you also log into the Online Accommodation System regularly to check for an offer in case the email goes to your junk folder.

If you haven’t received an offer by early March, we’ll send you and all other students on the waiting list, a further update at the beginning of March.

Joining us in 2020/21?

Simply visit our new student accommodation webpages for more information about making an application.

Important dates to remember

2019/20 Continuing student applications Open from 12noon on 16 January 2019
Guaranteed and priority accommodation application window 2019/20 16 January at 12noon - 29 May 2019

How do I submit an application?

Find out more about submitting an application for accommodation as a continuing student.


Receiving an offer and making a decision

Find out how to view your offer and make a decision


Moving in and contract dates

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Exam Accommodation


Vacation Residence