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Moving in and contract dates

Find out about moving-in and contract dates

Moving in

You can move into your room on the start date of your contract. The exact date will be confirmed in your accommodation offer (as viewed through the online accommodatin system.) Click here to find out more about contract dates.

Induction and Arrivals modules

If you're moving into Halls, you’ll need to complete your Induction and Arrivals modules on the Online Accommodation System. We’ll send you an email in September to let you know when you’re able to complete these.

Why do I need to complete the Induction and Arrivals modules?

These modules include important information about living in Halls at Royal Holloway, including a link to the terms and conditions of living at the College that all residents are required to follow. You’ll need to complete the modules before you can move into your room. As part of the process you’ll:

  • Book an arrival slot for your move in day and receive a parking permit (this only applies if you're moving in on the weekend prior to the start of the new academic year)

  • Find out your individual room number.

How do I complete the modules?

As soon as you’ve received the email letting you know that the modules are now available, you can log into the Online Accommodation System to complete them.

When you've completed the Induction and Arrivals Modules you can print your Arrival Pass (for check-in to your room), and car parking pass (with details of where you can park).

Moving in outside of Welcome Weekend?

Where do I check in?

Each Hall has a reception where you’ll need to go to check-in to your accommodation. You may be given a blank card as your room key, this will either be a temporary card until you get your College Card or a contactless key card that’ll remain as your room key throughout your stay. Please visit your halls reception to check in.

Contract dates

You can view your contact dates on the Online Accommodation System. Please note, you’ll need to vacate your room by 10am on the end dates stated.




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