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What to do when something gets broken or damaged; maintenance; cleaning; noise; temperature; what to do if your keys are lost or damaged; and who to contact with problems.

Guide to Living in Halls 2018/19


Hall Access

Room and flat doors should be locked continuously, just as you keep your front door at home locked.  Always ensure that you have your College Card and key (if separate) with you at all times. Take care not to leave your keys lying around or lose them, as this will result in you being temporarily locked out of your accommodation.


If you have any issue relating to living in Halls talk with your Hall Reception in the first instance.  There are four Hall Receptions, each serving different Halls of Residence. They are all here to help and advise you about anything to do with your room including maintenance issues, lost keys and lock outs.

Founder’s Founder’s West room 40

Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm Weekends 9am – 5pm

Weekend reception services provided by The Hub 01784 443285

01784 443052
The Hub (Gowar, Wedderburn, Reid, Runnymede I & II, Williamson, Butler & Tuke) Hub Guest House main entrance foyer Monday to Sunday 7am – 10pm 01784 443285
George Eliot, Highfield & Penrose George Eliot Centre Block D - ground floor reception Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm 01784 443440
Kingswood Kingswood main entrance foyer Monday to Sunday 7am – 10pm 01784 435331

You can also email your Hall Reception at

Locked out? Lost your keys?

If you get locked out – talk to your Hall Reception (or security when reception is closed) and they will help you.

Due to the volume of electronic access card ‘lock-outs’, an administration charge will be applied upon the third lock-out. Please ensure that you are carrying your student access card before leaving your room, even if you are only going to the kitchen or bathroom, to avoid this charge.

If you lose your key or College Card please report it to your Hall Reception. There is a charge for replacement of keys, locks and your College Card. Due to the volume of electronic access card ‘lock-outs’, an administration charge will be applied upon the third lock-out.

What to do when something gets broken or damaged

If anything is broken or damaged in your room, report it to your Hall Reception as soon as possible.  They will arrange for it to be fixed or replaced – do not to attempt to fix it yourself.

The maintenance team will respond as soon as they can. That means if it is urgent and doesn’t require immediate attention it should be fixed within 24 hours, if not it should be done within three working days. To find out more, ask at your Hall Reception for the service level agreement.

We will take your request for a repair or maintenance as permission to enter your room to investigate or resolve the issue. Contractors and Maintenance staff will be identifiable by their uniform and identity cards, and we keep a record of when any member of staff enters a student’s room.

If you damage College property you will be charged. By damage we mean any deterioration to the property over and above that which is accepted as ‘fair wear and tear’. Some damages are not immediately obvious, such as marks left on walls from Blu-tac or stains on a mattress, but these could still result in charges. See Charges for damage repairs and replacement items – PDF

Maintenance and repairs

To keep Halls and rooms to the highest standards we carry out regular maintenance. This includes checking water quality, boiler checks, electrical testing and servicing feminine hygiene bins. We will email you when these checks are happening, giving reasonable notice if we have to enter your room. If anything is broken or damaged in your room, report it to your Hall Reception as soon as possible.

For urgent issues such as power outage or major leaks, the Maintenance team will attend within 24 hours. For all other issues they will attend within five working days, outlined in your service agreement.


During the colder months (normally October to April) all bedrooms are heated to maintain a minimum temperature of 18-19 degrees celsius.  During warmer months (normally May to September) the heating system is turned off.  If your building is too cold or too hot, firstly check if your radiator is on/off. If the radiator has a temperature control, you can adjust it yourself.

After you’ve adjusted it, wait a few hours, and if you still find it too cold or hot then report it your Hall Reception. Housekeeping or one of the maintenance team will then come and check that the heating is working correctly within the set temperature levels. If you don’t have a control on your radiator, then contact your Hall Reception.

Keeping things clean

Each Hall has a dedicated Housekeeping team who are there to help and advise you on how to keep your rooms and communal living areas clean and safe. The weekly cleaning inspection schedule for each Hall is displayed on the kitchen or pantry notice board. This service supports your responsibility to keep your communal areas clean.

You will need to buy your own cleaning materials, however a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket and dustpan and brush are available for your use.  You will be expected to return your room, bathroom and communal areas to the same condition as when you moved in.

Cleaning inspections and support

If you need help or guidance with keeping your communal areas clean, please talk with your housekeeping team.

There is a Housekeeping team for each Hall who are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

Founder’s Rosa Dias and Emmie Oleksiak Founder’s East 305 01784 443952
Gowar & Wedderburn Janet Parkes  Gowar H Block (opposite the laundrette) 01784 414651
Reid & Hub Salah Saleh Via Hub Reception 01784 443285
Runnymede I & II Runnymede Jeanette Tattam V Block Room v-8-04 (in the basement opposite the laundrette) 01784 276298
Williamson, Butler & Tuke Lydia Gibbs Tuke F Block (in the basement) 01784 443795
Kingswood Valerie Wells Via Kingswood Reception 01784 435331
Highfield & Penrose Pat Ridley  Highfield Block One (down the steps) 01784 414056
George Eliot  Syafiq Japar George Eliot Centre Reception Block D 01784 443440


If you are disturbed by noise levels, talk to the people who you think are responsible. Do this early on, before you become so distressed that you are liable to become unreasonable.

If you continue to be disturbed, contact your Hall Reception or Security directly, who will help you.

Lost Property

If you lose something during term time, you can register it as lost or collect it from either your Hall Reception or from the Security team who are based in Founder’s. Where an item has identifying marks we will attempt to find the owner. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each term.



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