Self isolation scrabble letters

Guidelines for self-isolation


The government guidelines on those who may be required to self-isolate are set out here. If you are arriving into the UK from a country where restrictions apply then you will be required to self-isolate upon arrival into the UK.

Before you arrive in the UK you must complete this government form. This should be completed 48 hours before your arrival. 

If you need to self-isolate, please take a look at our Guidelines for self-isolation.

Please see the latest updates/FAQS on the University's 2021/22 Information Hub

Self-isolation arrangements for students 

If you will be living in university accommodation you may be required to self-isolate (subject to Government guidelines at the time) after arriving from outside the UK. If you do need to self-isolate, please complete this form to confirm your arrival date, reserve, choose your menu and pay for your self-isolation welcome pack and accommodation.

Please read our information about moving into halls.

Students that are double vaccinated under an approved vaccination programme do not need to self-isolate.

Allocated accommodation

You will be allocated to your term time room for your self-isolation period where possible, but this will be subject to your arrival date and/or personal circumstances which will be confirmed once we have processed and updated your self-isolation booking request. If your term time room is not available due to your early arrival, we will endeavour to allocate you in a self-catering household on campus or a designated hotel. If you are allocated into a designated hotel, the arrangements for this type of accommodation will be confirmed during the booking process. If you are allocated into a household on campus this will be with up to nine other students. For those allocated a room on campus, each household will have an arrival window. At the end of the arrival window, the household will effectively close and the 10 days of self-isolation will begin. You may use the kitchen facilities but should continue to follow government guidance with regards to social distancing. Each kitchen will have cooking utensils and crockery for the use of everyone in the household. Please ensure you wash and put them away after use. 

It may be necessary to allocate some students into catered accommodation, with shared facilities or off campus, depending on the number of students requiring to self-isolate. If you are allocated into this accommodation, further details will be provided. All accommodation will have been deep cleaned prior to your arrival.


Travelling to and arrival on campus

Details on your Moving into Halls arrangements can be found here.

Services provided during self-isolation

If you are housed in a self-isolation household on campus you will be provided with a cleaning pack on arrival. Bed linen will also be provided. No cleaning service will be provided within your household during the 10 day isolation period and only in the event of an emergency will staff enter your household. If you have any questions relating to the accommodation during your stay please email our Customer Services team. We will provide you with a welcome box of basic groceries and supplies. The welcome box will contain some core supplies and you will be able to choose from a range of dietary options - you can make these choices when you book your accommodation. You can check the allergen information here. Once you have settled in, you can then order and pay for your own requirements for delivery from the Students' Union Shop. There will be a range of on-line activities organised by the Hall Life Team and our Wellbeing teams will be on hand to support you. You can find out more on the Welcome to Royal Holloway mobile app.

If you are housed in a designated hotel, details of the arrangements in place for your stay will be confirmed during the booking confirmation process.

What will I be able to do when I am in self-isolation?

In England, you can only leave your accommodation in strictly limited circumstances. These include where:

* you need urgent medical assistance (or where your doctor has advised you to get medical assistance);
* you need access to basic necessities like food and medicines, but only in exceptional circumstances such as when you cannot arrange for these to be delivered;
* you need to access critical public services such as social services and victim support services, but only in exceptional circumstances;
* you need to go to the funeral of a family member or someone you live with;
* you need to visit a dying or critically ill family member or someone you live with;
* you need to fulfil a legal obligation such as participate in legal proceedings;
* there’s an emergency.

If you are housed on campus, you will be able to place grocery orders for delivery to your accommodation from the Students' Union shop so you should not need to leave your accommodation for this purpose.

If you do need to leave your accommodation it is imperative that you inform us of when you plan to leave your accommodation and the reason for leaving. The reason for leaving should only be one of the reasons listed above.

If you start to show symptoms of COVID-19 

If you become unwell or show any symptoms of COVID-19 you should report this immediately. You will be required to notify other members of your household and all residents will have to self-isolate for ten days from the date you start to show symptoms. If you or any member of your household becomes seriously ill you will need to notify NHS immediately. Details of how to do this can be found in your room.


Further information

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