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Remote access to a college PC - How do I set this up from home/off campus?

Remote access to a college PC - How do I set this up from home/off campus?
Remote Desktop can be used by staff to connect to a college PC in an office.  It will allow access to all the programs and facilities that can normally be accessed at the office.  Note:the computer will need to be switched on and it cannot be remote accessed while someone is using it.


Setting up

  1.  Make a note of your office computer's IP address.  You can get this by either:
    • A white label on the main computer box
    • In Internet Explorer, go to google.com and type in "ip address" (or click here).  It should say "Your public IP address" at the top of the results with something a bit like - this is your computer's IP address.
  2. If you have never remote connected to your office computer before, contact IT from your college email account with the IP address, to ask for us to set up permissions for Remote Desktop for you on that PC.

Connecting to your office PC

  1. You must leave your Office PC switched on.  It does not matter if you are logged in, leave the screen locked, or logged off, as long as it is not shut down and no one else is logged into it
  2. On your home computer connect to CampusAnywhereVPN
  3. From your home computer:
    • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 /10: Go to Start and then type "remote" until "Remote Desktop Connection" appears
    • Mac: Install Remote desktop from here and then click the spotlight and type in "remote" until "Remote Desktop" appears
  4. In the Computer box, type in your computer's IP address and click Connect
  5. Enter your usual college username (in the format abcd123) and password.  If it doesn't accept this, try your college email address instead (first.last@rhul.ac.uk).

If there are any problems with logging in, contact IT and let us know the error message and the IP address.


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