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Support for parents and supporters

We know that this can be an emotional time for you too

Support for Parents and Supporters

When a loved one leaves home or reaches a momentous stage in life like starting their university studies it will be emotional for you too. Whether it is the first person to leave home or the second or third it can still be painful. Here are some tips you might find helpful:

  • Acknowledge how you feel - talk to your student and family members about how the change has impacted on you. Agree days of the week that you are going to have a phone or video call. Talk as a family about what you will miss about them not being at home or being at home less.
  • Help them to prepare - help them to plan a budget, encourage them to learn to cook and use a washing machine. Be involved in the journey from the start so you will be confident that they are prepared and ready. If you feel they are prepared, you will feel much better yourself.
  • Celebrate - coming to Royal Holloway is a massive achievement, ask them what they want to do, go out for a meal, spend a day or weekend together before starting. Spend some time together, especially if they are leaving home. You can then agree on how often they or you will call. Some parents and supporters prefer set days and times. Calling every day probably isn’t good for you or them so resist that urge!
  • Remembering home - if your student is moving away, remember to pack them some photographs or reminders of home, the family, friends and pets. It can help them settle in and acts as a reminder they are loved and supported.

Further information

Look through the Welcome Week website and the Official Royal Holloway app for lots of useful information about getting started at Royal Holloway but please make sure that your student does too.