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Information for parents and supporters 

Helpful hints, tips and links so you and your student are prepared for starting university

As parents and supporters we know that you will be as equally invested in your student’s education as they are. You may have attended our Open Days, spoke to staff and students and then helped with applications. Now they are coming here you will be starting to think about all the preparation that involves too.

Here you will find information about Welcome Week and being a student at Royal Holloway. It is really important that your student reads these pages themselves so they understand and are prepared for joining our university community.

On these pages you will find some helpful hints, tips and links so you and your student are prepared in advance and which we hope will start helpful conversations in advance and during their student journey.  


We know that you may be worried about Covid-19 and have questions around what the 2021/22 academic year will look like. We are a Covid secure campus and follow all local and national guidelines. Information and regular updates can be found on the student intranet.

Parent and supporter newsletter 

We send a periodic newsletter to parents and supporters of students at Royal Holloway to keep you abreast of dates and other information. 

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Sharing information with parents and supporters

Learn more about our policies around personal information and data.

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How to help

Read our advice on how to help your student settle in to life at university.

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Support for parents and supporters

We know that this can be an emotional time for you too.

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