Students' Union

Getting to know your Students' Union

Making student life better at Royal Holloway

The Students’ Union is here to help you along the way, refuelling you post-match in Tommy’s Kitchen or Humpit, giving you helpful advice on that niggling academic issue you have, and putting on great events on a weekly basis – from the best value night on campus, Toast, to Summer Ball with the likes of Mabel, Rudimental and a whole host of other massive names thrown in across the year. 



Your Sabbatical Officers

Meet your five elected leaders

Every year the student body elects five Sabbatical Officers to work full-time in the Students' Union for a year. The ‘Sabbs’ are made up of a President and four Vice Presidents covering the areas of education, welfare & diversity, societies & media and sport.

They work on a range of issues relating to student life, listening to your thoughts and opinions while running campaigns and working with the relevant people and bodies to implement positive policy changes.

The elections for these positions take place in March, and any member of the SU can stand for a role.



Representing your academic interests

It's normal to feel overwhelmed, and the SU can offer a helping hand

To support your wellbeing, the SU also run their own Advice Centre, with dedicated support for academic and housing issues. This service is completely free and independent from the College, so it’s the perfect place for confidential advice. You can book an appointment with the Advice Centre by calling the Union Helpdesk on 01784 276700, or by emailing

They also run welfare campaigns throughout the year, including mental health awareness, sexual health advice and guidance, and exam stressbusting.


Sports Clubs and Societies

Sports Clubs and Societies

Get involved in one of their amazing student groups!

The Students’ Union runs over 110 student groups, covering sports clubs, societies and media outlets. Getting involved in a student group is a great way to make the best out of your university experience and meet a lot of great people who you share a passion with.

With so many groups on offer, there is definitely a place for everyone to feel at home! Make sure you check them all out at Freshers’ Fair in the Sports Centre on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September.  




One of the SU’s strategic aims is to make your campus fun

Whether you’re after free live music, an abundance of puppies, or wanting an unforgettable night out  the SU have you covered. They run all sorts of events on a daily basis, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

If you like going out at night and are looking for good clubs, the Students’ Union runs Medicine and the Union Venue, which both have regular weekly club nights. But if you’re not into going out or drinking, their Give It A Go programme is suitable for every student, with all sorts of day and night time events for you to try out. 



Venues for days

Something for everyone, every day of the week, all year round

If you're looking to grab a bite to eat on campus then there are plenty of options. At the SU, you'll find Tommy's Kitchen – home to the best burgers on campus. And new to the Students' Union this year is Humpit, an awesome hummus and pita bar that's become one of the fastest-growing vegetarian food outlets in the country. Pop in during Freshers' Festival for some very special deals!

Looking for something a bit more upmarket? Head on over to The Packhorse. You'll find a cracking range of proper pub grub that'll fill a hole and leave you in need of a food nap.

In a rush? Pop into the Union Shop and grab a meal deal. A sandwich, drink and packet of crisps (or fruit) from just £2.69 will make sure you're quickly back on your way.

Every Tuesday during term time you’ll also find a street food market outside the Students' Union and a fresh fruit and veg market inside, so you can mix up your meals and stock up your cupboards.