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Global Environmental Change

Key transitions in Earth history including modern global change. A wide range of proxies and finger-printing techniques are employed to focus on issues of global change such as methane as a greenhouse gas, coastal and estuarine dynamics, modern and ancient sedimentary processes, Phanerozoic environmental change and associated biotic responses, the biogeochemistry of Archaean ecosystems and evolution of life through geologic time. In addition, we pioneer new research on the impact of ice sheet contamination and associated chemistry on climate change.

cyan10 A calibrated climate record from Gibraltar speleothem   themes33w
cyan10 European Tephrochronology  
yellow10 Did global warming wipe out the first rainforests?  
cyan10 Speleothem recording of the south Asian monsoon  
cyan10 Geochemical and Isotopic Proxies for
Neoproterozoic Climate and Oceans
green10 Fire as an Earth System Process
green10 Wildfire in Deep time  







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