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Current PhD projects


PDS (Politics, Development & Sustainability)

SCHG (Social, Cultural & Historical Geography)

  • Keith Alcorn : The empire in the garden; the British Empire, British gardens in 19th and early 20th century Britain
  • Cynthia Anyadi : Mapping death, migration, and material culture: A case study of Igbo Nigerians
  • Ed Armston-Sheret: Wild Things in Wild Places: British Cultures of Extreme
  • Adam Badger: Space, Freedom and Control in the Digital Workplace
  • Rhys Gazeres de Baradieux : From the Street to the Stadium and Back Again? The neoliberalisation of Skateboarding
  • Will Barnes : New spatialities of work, home and wellbeing: The case of the self-employed creative work
  • Ed Brookes: Excavating Gentrification: a contemporary history of Robin Hood Gardens, London
  • Kimberly BrownThe Walkers: Psychogeographical contours of the smart city
  • Stefano Carnelli : Visualising intangible sacred spaces: The materialities and ephemerality of Orthodox Jewish ritual enclosures
  • Angela Chan : Clusters of creativity: Conurbations and co-location
  • Jihane Dyer: Wearing the city: Fashion and clothing in the curation of urban history 
  • Megan Harvey: Night-time geographies of capitalism: A sweet dream, or consumption nightmare?
  • Emily Hopkins: Creating the ordinary city: creative policy and the making of place and community in small cities
  • Christina Hourigan: The making of a global arboretum: The case of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • Briony Hughes: Water-bodied poetics and kinetic translation
  • William Jamieson: Granular Geographies of Endless Growth: Singapore and the Spatial-Cognitive Fix
  • Jasmine Joanes: ‘Seeing red’: Alter-geopolitics of menstrual management and activism in the United Kingdom
  • Rosie Knowles: Prescribing nature? Cultural geographies of forest bathing
  • Frankie Kubicki: A paper world: the collection & investigation of plant materials for paper making, c.1830-1914
  • Indira Lemouchi: Voicing the eco-political agencies of Children through participatory creative methods
  • Gloria Lowe, Theatre and performance in the home
  • Jack Lowe, Place narratives and participatory media art: Environmental storytelling through geocaching
  • Viveca Mellegard: Dyeing to become whole: Indigo dyeing as embodied practice for a more sustainable future 
  • Jack Morton: Micro machines: Transforming games’ networking practices
  • Holly Nielsen: British board games and the ludic imagination, 1794-1939 in dialogue: print culture at the Royal Geographical Society, c. 1830–c. 2000
  • Saskia Papadakis: Northerners in London: Englishness, place and mobility
  • Flora Parrott: Swallow hole: the pursuit of darkness and uncertainty
  • Tess Pinto: Heritage and conservation in the work of the Greater London Council: Reimagining London 1965-86 and contemporary performance of cross-cultural first contact encounters: temporal and spatial dynamics
  • Tina Yunting Qi: Homeland re-integration: Professional transnational returnees to Shanghai, China
  • Joy Slappnig: The indigenous map: Native information, ethnographic object, artefact of encounter
  • Laura Spence: Musical niches and the foodways of Chilean wine
  • Dennis Tam: The Identity, Social Space and Mobility of Ethnic Minorities in Macau
  • Rachel Tyler: The geography of garments: cartographies of London’s fashion industry, 1984–2020
  • Rachael Utting: Collecting Leviathan: curiosity, exchange and the Southern Whale Fleet (1775-1860)
  • Katie Vann: Rupununi re-collections: Historical photographs, traditional knowledge and Indigenous heritage in Guyana
  • Kim Walker: Biocultural collections and networks of knowledge exchange in the 19th century: the quest for quinine
  • Bethany Williamson: Translating place: Orthography and the problem of place names at the Royal Geographical Society 
  • David Williams: Shared sacred spaces in Byzantium
  • Nina Willment: Geographies of the creative workplace
  • Bethan Lloyd Worthington: The arts of climate reconstruction
CQR (Centre for Quaternary Research)

  • Ashley Abrook: Understanding the dynamics of vegetation: delineating drivers of change within periods of abrupt, sub-millennial climatic variability.
  • David Arnold: Assessing the extent of semi-arid environments in Late Quaternary Eurasia using mammalian evidence: implications for understanding ecological and human responses to abrupt climate change.
  • Rachel Devine: Using annually-resolved records to assess how the Baltic Ice Lake influences North Atlantic climate during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition.
  • Julian Martin: Constraining the influence of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies on the past, present and future behaviour of the Monte San Lorenzo ice cap, Patagonia.
  •  Elizabeth Peneycad: Oxygen isotopes in small and large mammal dental carbonates: Investigating their use as a proxy for reconstructing Quaternary climate variability.
  • Angharad Jones: The palaeodietary and ecomorphic responses of Pleistocene spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta Erxleben 1777) in Europe.
  • Jacob Bendle : The timing and rates of glacier response to Late Pleistocene climate change in Central Patagonia.
  • Xuanyu Chen : Tephrochronology of Changbaishan Tianchi volcano and proximal-distal correlations between China and Japan.
  • Yajun Li : Debris flow dynamics in the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau during the Quaternary period.
  • Paul Lincoln : Environmental and geomorphic response to abrupt climatic change during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition: A detailed assessment from the Vale of Pickering, Northeast England.
  • Melissa Marr : Faunal response to abrupt climate change: the history of the British mammal fauna from the Lateglacial to the Early Holocene.
  • Rhys Timms : Scottish terrestrial landscape response to abrupt climate change through the Last Glacial- Interglacial Transition (ca. 16-8 ka BP).
  • Dorothy Weston : Refining the sequence of events during the Last Glacial Termination using tephrostratigraphy.
  • Tianshu Zhang : The reconstruction of palaeoclimate by using fossil beetles in Altay, Xinjiang, China.




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