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Our eduroam service was updated in April 2019.  To use the new version you will have to make an initial connection.  Please note internet connectivity is required to complete this process so please do so before you travel to a member institution.


Setting up your Royal Holloway eduroam connection is now much quicker and easier.  If your device operates on Windows 10, Mac OS or iOS the process should be straightforward.  iOS devices will prompt the user to trust the new certificate.  This is normal behaviour for iOS to prompt for trust of any certificate that is not from apple.com.

Procedure for connecting a Linux device to eduroam (e.g.  for Ubuntu 18.04.1) here

For other operating systems such as Windows 7 there is a short installation procedure (see below).  

  • Browse to cat.eduroam.org
  • Click on the link provided to download your eduroam® installer
  • Select Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
  • Input your username in the format <username>@rhul.ac.uk e.g. abcd123@rhul.ac.uk  
  • Join the wireless network named “eduroam”

    Expanded instructions:
  1. Browse to cat.eduroam.org
    eduroam cat page

  2. Click on “click here to download your eduroam® installer”
    eduroam download installer

  3. Select Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
    eduroam pick rhbnc

  4. Download the installer and run it. The correct installer for your operating system should be auto suggested, if it is not choose “choose another installer” and pick the correct operating system from the list. You should be prompted for your username and password. Remember to input your username in the format <username>@rhul.ac.uk eg: abcd123@rhul.ac.uk
  5. Join the wireless network named “eduroam”


More about  eduroam-logo-trans

eduroam is a wireless network service offered at Royal Holloway and participating universities across the UK, Europe, and the world.

What is eduroam for? 

  • eduroam allows visitors from participating institutions to connect to wireless internet on the Royal Holloway campus.
  • eduroam allows Royal Holloway students and staff to connect to wireless internet at participating institutions.
  • Royal Holloway students and staff on campus should connect to CampusNet instead, so that they can access key college services.

eduroam is available in all campus locations that CampusNet is offered, including Bedford Square.

Where do I get support?

eduroam users on the Royal Holloway campus can contact IT support. Visitors from other institutions should note that eduroam on a specific device should have been created and tested at the home institution first, otherwise we may not be able to assist effectively.  Royal Holloway students and staff visiting participating institutions should also be aware that eduroam sites may refuse to diagnose issues with eduroam on a device if it hasn't been tested at Royal Holloway. 


Useful links 

eduroam.org - Official eduroam site
UK eduroam locations
eduroam Companion (mobile Eduroam map for iOS devices)
eduroam FAQs