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Progression and award requirements

          The text below is an extract from the MSc handbook for students


The Regulations governing progression and award requirements are set out in your Programme Specification.

(http://www.rhul.ac.uk/coursecatalogue/home.aspx) and also more generally in the Postgraduate Taught Regulations

 If you do not pass a course unit at a first attempt you may be given an  opportunity to ‘re-sit’ or ‘repeat’ the course unit. 

Re-sit of a failed course unit – normally gives students an opportunity   during the following academic year to re-sit any failed parts of a course     unit not passed. Students do not have to attend any classes. Marks for     work which has been passed will be carried forward. Students are             required to register to resit course units. Unless students have been         informed otherwise, the mark for such courses will be capped at 50%.

Repeat of a failed course unit – if you are given the opportunity to           repeat a course unit in attendance you will need to register for the             course unit for the following academic year and satisfy afresh all the         assessment and attendance requirements, that is, you are expected to     attend all classes and redo all required coursework and examinations       for the course unit. No marks from the previous attempt at the course       unit are carried forward and no work from completed as part of the             first attempt at the course may be resubmitted for assessment. The           mark for a course repeated in attendance is not capped.

Please note that it is not possible to re-sit or repeat a course unit which you have passed.

NB: Students entered to resit an examination will normally not receive an overall percentage mark greater than 50 per cent for that course unit.

 Outcomes of course unit assessment

The Postgraduate Taught Regulations require that for a student to qualify for final consideration in a course unit by the Sub-board of Examiners, a candidate must first:

(a) have satisfied the attendance requirements specified for the course;

(b) have completed and presented for assessment all work specified for        the course within specified deadlines.

The Sub-board of Examiners will determine an outcome and a  percentage mark recorded as an integer between 0% and 100%  inclusive for each candidate who qualifies for final consideration, as follows:

(a) an outcome of Pass (P) with a percentage mark will be returned              where the candidate has achieved  a mark of 50% or above overall and        in all elements of the assessment which carry an individual pass                  requirement.

 (b) an outcome of Fail (F) with a percentage mark will be returned where      the candidate has achieved  a mark of 49% or below overall or in any          element of the assessment which carries an individual pass                  requirement.

 For details on the requirements governing the level of award please see the  section on the Consideration and Classification of Candidates for the  Award in the Postgraduate Taught Regulations.


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