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Quantum fluids and solids

Superfluid Fountain Effect

Quantum fluids, the helium liquids near absolute zero, provide simple model systems which continue to play a crucial role in the development of key concepts in condensed matter physics. The understanding of superfluidity and broken gauge symmetry;  t < he development of the standard model of correlated fermions; the first unconventional superfluid/superconductor; the central role of topological excitations in two dimensional physics: all these discoveries and insights arose from the study of helium.

Our current research focuses on novel properties of helium confined to two or one dimension, the new states of superfluid matter emerging when superfluid ³He is confined on the nanoscale, and the putative supersolid state of solid 4He.

The experiments are undertaken at Royal Holloway in the London Low Temperature Laboratory to temperatures as low as a few hundred μK. They are supported by an integral programme of instrumentation development. We are a member of the European Microkelvin Collaboration.



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