From Monday 17 August 2020 we will start sending new students (starting in September 2020) their enrolment email. This email will include:

The enrolment email will be sent to all students who have accepted their offer of study.

From when your place at Royal Holloway is confirmed, it can take around seven days for your IT credentials and student record to be created and we will send your enrolment email after this so you may not receive your enrolment email on Monday 17 August if your offer of study was made in August. It’s important that you keep on checking your emails from Monday 17 August, we will start sending emails our regularly from this date.

What should I do if I haven’t received my enrolment email?

Before contacting us to report not having received your enrolment email, please make sure you have checked the below steps:


Check your inbox, junk and spam folders

Please ensure you regularly check these folders as your mailbox may mark the email as an unknown sender and put it into junk and spam folders. The email will be sent from

Check what email address you registered with Royal Holloway

We will send the email to the personal email address you supplied when making your application to study at Royal Holloway so you will need to log into UCAS or RH Direct to check what email address we will send it to. If the email address is recorded incorrectly, for example there is a typo or it is a non-personal email address for example a school, college or agent email address you have to update it on there and then email us to inform us that you have updated it. We will not be able to update your email address for you but following you updating it on your application portal and informing us, we will ensure we re-send your enrolment email.   

 If you have completed both of the above steps and waited at least 7 days from confirmation of your place of study please email from your registered email address to request a re-send.