Before you start your studies, the Student Services Centre will send you your enrolment email which includes all the information you need to complete enrolment, including your IT username and password. If you haven't received your enrolment email, please visit our enrolment email webpages. Once you've received this email you need to:

  • Log into Campus Connect - on a PC or laptop with your username and password. Your username will be your email address in the username format (not your name format) for example:
  • Click on the ‘Enrolment’ tab and from the drop down list select the first option 'Online Sign-up'. Then select the link 'Online Sign-up now open here'
  • Click 'Enter Sign-up' to be taken to the appropriate pages
  • Select the 2021/22 academic year from the menu
  • Complete each stage and remember to click 'Save and Proceed' at the bottom of each page.

At the end of this enrolment step, a message will flash up on screen confirming that you've completed Online Sign-up and if you then click on the 'Enrolment' tab, your Enrolment checklist will update, the Online Sign-up step will turn green to show it's complete. 

Step 2: Tuition fee payment

What's the difference between my forwarding and personal address?

Your ‘Personal Address’ should be your UK address during term time. Your ‘Forwarding Address’ will be your permanent home address: for students from outside of the UK, this will be the address in your home country. If you are going to be living in Halls, you will need to enter an address here to complete Online Sign-up and we know you may not know your room number yet, please just enter your 'Forwarding Address' into the 'Personal Address' section. Once your contract starts, this information will update automatically. You will be able to log back in to view and update your address information at anytime on Campus Connect, under the 'My personal details' tab. 

I don't know my term time address

If you're going to be living in Halls or don’t yet know your UK term-time address, just repeat your 'Forwarding Address' information. If you are going to be living in Halls, once your contract starts, your 'Personal Address' will update automatically and override any previous 'Personal Address' entry. If you are not living in Halls, you will need to log into Campus Connect once you know your 'Personal Address' to update it.

My name is incorrect

If your name is incorrect for example, a misspelling, a missing accent or your names are in the wrong order, please don't worry, you can proceed with completing Online Sign-up and we will update this for you when we complete your Identity Check.

Please be advised that we will match the name on your student record with the name on your identity document. You will have an option to enter a preferred name should you wish to. 

I want to change my nationality

If you would like to change your primary nationality or add a secondary nationality to your student record, you can complete Online Sign-up and then when you come to complete your Identity Check, please ensure you have proof of your nationality. 

We will enrol you as per the nationality on the Identity document you provide.

My fee status is incorrect

Your fee status is determined by your residence as shown to you in Online Sign Up. If you believe your fee status is incorrect please do not complete Online Sign-up. Instead you should contact Royal Holloway Admissions so they can look into your enquiry. 

My tuition fee billing is incorrect 

Your programme fee is detailed on your offer letter. If you have changed programme and this impacts your tuition fee, then please be advised this can take time to update on your student record. If you are receiving a scholarship or are being sponsored for your funding, then as long as you have submitted the relevant documents to the student fees team then please be assured we will continue to update this, but that it will not show at Online Sign Up. For further information about your tuition fees please see the FAQ's on Step 2: Tuition Fee Payment and for more information please see our tuition fee Operational Guide.

My course is incorrect

If your course information is incorrect or missing, please contact Admissions. If you have already had confirmation of a change of programme but it is not updated on Online Sign-up, you can complete Online Sign-up. There may be a delay in this information updating but if you have written confirmation from Admissions, this will not be a problem. 

My start date is incorrect

If your start date is incorrect please contact Admissions before completing Online Sign-Up.

The Online Sign-up portal is unavailable

The Online Sign-up portal is unavailable each evening between 11pm and 12.30am GMT. If you can’t access the Online Sign-up link during this time, please try again later.

I've forgotten my username

Please refer to your enrolment email as this contains your College IT credentials. Your username for logging into Campus Connect and your email account is your email address in username format for example, it is not your email address in name format. For further information on your IT credentials please visit the Your account webpages. If you are having problems logging into Campus Connect, please contact the IT Helpdesk

I've forgotten my password

Please refer to your enrolment email as this contains your College IT credentials, including your password. In the enrolment email we advise that you change your password to something memorable.

If you have already changed your password, you can reset your password via the Royal Holloway Password Manager. If you didn't change your password, please refer to the information provided in your enrolment email.

For further guidance and instructions on how to reset your password, please see our IT support webpages.

I'm getting an error message when I try to access Campus Connect

Sometimes when trying to log in to Campus Connect you may get the message ‘500 Internal Server Error’. This is because your browser didn’t sign you out of your last session on Campus Connect correctly. You can avoid this error by visiting Campus Connect in incognito mode (otherwise known as ‘private browsing’), or by clearing your browser history.

To prevent this error in the future, make sure you always sign out of Campus Connect when you are finished, and close the tab that you were using.

If you are experiencing problems accessing Campus Connect you should make sure that the browser (e.g. Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) you are using is up-to-date. Older browsers may have issues when accessing Campus Connect, so frequently check your software for updates.

The Online Sign-up portal is unavailable each evening between 11pm and 12.30am GMT. If you can’t access the Online Sign-up link during this time, please try again later.

I can't login to Campus Connect

When attempting to login to Campus Connect, please ensure that you are using a laptop or PC and not a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

If you are using a PC or laptop, please ensure that your are entering your Microsoft Office 365 ID, which is your username with ‘’ added at the end (e.g. and your College password.

Please note that some older versions of Safari are not compatible with Campus Connect. Please either update your Mac or iOS device or use an alternative browser.

If your login problems persist, please contact the IT Service Desk

I can't complete Online Sign-up

If you have any problems completing Online Sign-up, please contact the Student Services Centre