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Step two: Tuition Fee Payment

After completing Online Sign-up, you'll need to complete step two of your enrolment which is arranging a tuition fee payment for the 2022/23 academic year.

If you choose not to take a tuition fee loan you can opt to pay your tuition fees in two equal instalments. You must make a first payment of at least 50% of the tuition fee in order to complete enrolment. For September 2022 starters the first tuition fee payment to enrol must be made by Monday 19 September 2022 with the second payment due by Monday 9 January 2023. For more information on how to arrange payment of tuition fees, please see the relevant section below.

The payment of tuition and accommodation fees are covered by the Student Fee Regulations. The below information is regarding tuition fees only, please see our pay my fees webpages for information about accommodation fee payments.

If you have a billing query, including a Scholarship or Bursary question the answer may be included in the Tuition Fee Operational Guidelines.

Please check our Fees and Funding Frequently Asked Questions for further advice and help with fees and funding. 


Student Finance Loan

If you are paying your fees using a loan from Student Finance, you must ensure you have applied for the relevant loan in good time. If you applied late, there may be a delay in you receiving confirmation of your loan. If this happens then it is important that you send the Student Fees team a copy of your loan entitlement letter/email as soon as you receive it. Please note, if your loan has not been approved and depending on your loan application status, you may be required to make a payment to complete your enrolment. Please make sure that you continue to speak to Student Finance about your loan application to see if there is anything more they need from you. 

Undergraduate Tuition Fee Loan

If your loan application is accepted and confirmed, then no further action is needed from you to complete this step of enrolment. You must however, complete the other steps of enrolment before we confirm your attendance to the Student Loans Company. We will not confirm your attendance until all the other steps of enrolment are complete (Online Sign-up and Identity Check) and the earliest we will confirm your attendance is the first day of your course. This means that on the 'Enrolment' tab on Campus Connect, your enrolment checklist will show as incomplete and will show as incomplete until we confirm your attendance (from the first day of your course). 

Undergraduate Student Finance tuition fee loans are paid directly to Royal Holloway from the Student Loans Company. If you are receiving a Student Finance maintenance loan, this will be paid directly to you once you have completed all steps of enrolment and we have confirmed your attendance. 

Postgraduate Masters Loan

If you are planning to use a Student Finance Postgraduate Master's Loan to pay your tuition fees, we will not confirm your registration at Royal Holloway to release your loan until you have completed Online Sign-up and your Identity Check. You must forward a copy of the approved loan confirmation to the Student Fees team before you can complete enrolment. 

The Student Loans Company will pay your Master's Loan to your bank account once you have completed all stages of enrolment and Royal Holloway has confirmed your registration on an eligible course. You will need to make a fee payment in order to enrol and your tuition fees are not automatically paid to the university. For more information on how to make payment once you've received your loan, please see our how to pay your fees webpages. 

If the loan amount you are receiving each year is equal to, or more than your fees for the year you can complete enrolment, your registration will be confirmed to the Student Loans Company and your tuition fees will be split in to three equal instalments in line with the loan payments due to you.  

For more information about paying your fees using Student Finance, please see the dedicated  Postgraduate webpages.

Paying Your Own Fees

The best way to make payment is on Campus Connect. Parents and third parties wishing to pay fees on behalf of students can do so via ePay - when making payment, it is important that the Royal Holloway student ID is provided so we know who the payment is for. International students who wish to make an international bank transfer can do so via Western Union. Please see our pay my fees webpages for full details on all payment options. Remember, you'll need to pay 50% of your tuition fees by Monday 19 September 2022 in order to complete enrolment for 2022/23.


If a third party (other than Student Finance England), is paying part, or all, of your fees we must see the original letter confirming the level of your support before you start your course. Please send proof of the sponsorship to the Student Fees team. For further information, please see our sponsor webpages. A sponsor letter template can be found here

Postgraduate Research Students

If you are planning to use a Student Finance Doctoral Loan to pay your tuition fees, we will not confirm your registration at Royal Holloway to release your loan until you have completed Online Sign-up and your Identity Check. The earliest we will confirm your attendance is the first day of term, Monday 19 September 2022. That means that until then, your Enrolment checklist on Campus Connect will show as incomplete. Please make sure you have emailed the Student Fees team your approved loan confirmation prior to the start of term.

If you have received a studentship offer letter from Royal Holloway, please remember to return your acceptance form so that your fees can be recorded and updated. If the studentship includes maintenance, make sure that you register your UK bank details on Campus Connect under the 'Money' tab to avoid delay in receiving your initial payment. Find out more about maintenance payments


Step three: Submit a photo for your College Card

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You can also contact the Student Services Centre or your School Helpdesk for advice. 


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