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Failure to Enrol

Information for returning students who are continuing their studies at the College

Failure to enrol

All continuing students must enrol at the start of each new academic year by completing the steps outlined in the continuing student How to enrol webpage. Enrolment must be completed by the deadline set by your School. This will either be within 14 or 21 days of the start of your course although some Schools have set an earlier deadline due to the intensity of the course at the start of term. 

You should complete the relevant steps of your enrolment before the start of the new academic year. 

If you do not enrol with the College, you will not be entitled to use any College facilities, including the Computer Centre, the Library, Campus Account facilities, the Students' Union, or attend lectures and seminars. Your access to College systems may also be revoked.

Failure to enrol by the deadline relevant to your course, without prior approval and in the absence of medical or other good reason, will result in you being de-registered from your course and closure of your student record at the College. If you are sponsored by Royal Holloway for your Student Visa, this will be curtailed (cancelled and withdrawn) in line with the UK Visa and Immigration rules.

If, in exceptional circumstances, re-admission is subsequently granted you will be liable for a reinstatement fee of £300. Exceptions will only be considered where Student Administration has been informed in advance in writing of any circumstances that prevent enrolment by the specified time. Student Administration and your school will review your circumstances to ascertain whether late enrolment is viable. 

Further information can be found in our enrolment and attendance monitoring document.

Issues with enroling

It is your responsibility to let us know if you are experiencing issues enrolling, to do this email the Student Services Centre

Please note that students will not be permitted to re-commence their studies and/or enrol after the deadline (14 or 21 day period) unless you have exceptionally been granted permission to enrol late by Student Administration or your School. 

 If you are unable to return to the College within this time you may need to consider interrupting your studies.

Check the enrolment deadline for your course

The standard deadline to enrol at the College is 21 days from the start of your course. However, some Schools have set an earlier deadline due to the intensity of the course at the start of term. To check your School’s latest arrival and enrolment date please see the below table. 

Courses continuing in January 2023
SchoolCourseLatest Enrolment and Arrival/Engagement Date

School of Business and Management

All Posgraduate Taught Management courses 

21 days from the start term

School of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences

All Postgraduate Taught courses 

21 days from the start term

Late arrival

You should aim to arrive and enrol as soon as possible at the start of term and at the latest by your School's enrolment deadline.

If you cannot arrive by your School's deadline then you may need to consider interrupting your studies to the next academic year. In some exceptional cases, and where appropriate evidence is provided before the deadline the School, with Student Administration may temporarily accept a late arrival and enrolment. You should first contact your School to discuss this.

If you are due to be in Halls of Residence, you should also inform the Student Services Centre of your delay. 

Your late arrival and enrolment will not change your liability for full tuition or accommodation fees. 


Need Help? 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages for help with any queries you may have. You can also find specific FAQs about Enrolment here. 

You can also contact the Student Services Centre or your School Helpdesk for advice.

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