Our campus community

At Royal Holloway, we have many different students in our community. Find out what we've got for you!

Visiting students

If you're studying at Royal Holloway for a term or a year abroad, then we want your time here to be the best it can be! Don't miss your induction session on Monday 23 September in the Shilling Auditorium at 3pm. Come along to our Welcome reception for visiting students on Tuesday 24 September in the Picture Gallery, 6pm - 8pm. This is your chance to meet other students from abroad (or maybe even from your home university!) and meet some of our Peer Guides, who can talk to you about settling in at Royal Holloway.  

If you're interested in a particular sport or society on campus, or want to enquire about events and activities before you arrive, please get in touch.

21+ students

We know that some of you might not feel like going to all of the 'fresher' events. That's why we've organised events specifically for students who are over 21 and new to Royal Holloway. Come along to our Welcome Talk for students over 21 on Monday 23 September in the Picture Gallery, 6pm - 8pm. This is your chance to meet other undergraduates who have not come to Royal Holloway straight from school. You might be surprised how many of you share the same interests and hobbies and have similar life experiences!

Throughout the autumn and spring term, there will be a variety of events to cater to all different interests. Keep up to date with what's on with our student events calendar.

Register for the mature students pre-arrival webinar on 30 August 6pm - 7pm. This will provide more information on starting Royal Holloway as an over 21 undergraduate. 

Off campus and commuting students

There are many students at Royal Holloway who don't live on campus and commute by car or public transport. But living away from campus does not mean you're missing out. Check out all the events that are going on in Welcome Week, many of which take place during the day and are open to all students.  

If you're worried about commuting or not living on campus, or you have queries, please  get in touch.


Studying a joint honours programme

Studying two degree programmes at the same time is a great opportunity that can sometimes be challenging. We would recommend that you take advantage of your Peer Guide, who can help you get started in your departments. Many of them are joint honours students themselves, or can put you in touch with students who are.

Postgraduate students

Welcome Week is also the beginning of your time at Royal Holloway as a postgraduate. Starting your postgraduate studies is just as exciting as coming to university for the first time and we want you to have a great time at Royal Holloway. Whether you're staying on from your undergraduate course here at Royal Holloway, or coming from a different university, there are a variety of events that are not to be missed.

The Welcome Reception for postgraduate students is taking place on Thursday 26 September in the Picture Gallery, 6pm - 8pm. Come along and network with other postgrads from across our different departments.

For more information on starting Royal Holloway as a postgraduate,  sign up to our Postgraduate webinar which takes place on 30 August 5pm - 6pm. 

If you are a postgraduate research students, the Doctoral School induction is taking place on Wednesday 2 October at 2pm in the Windsor Auditorium, check out the induction schedule for more information. 

Pre-arrival webinars 

Register for our pre-arrival webinars to find out more information about starting your studies at Royal Holloway. We have a number of different webinars taking place including: 

Undergraduate students pre-arrival webinar        02 September, 5pm - 6pm

Postgraduate students pre-arrival webinar          30 August, 5pm - 6pm

Mature students pre-arrival webinar                    30 August, 6pm - 7pm