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Peer Guides


Are you a first year undergraduate student?

Good news! You will already have a Peer Guide when you commence your studies in 2020/21.

You should now be able to view your department Peer Support team within Microsoft Teams.

What are Peer Guides?

Peer Guides are fellow students who offer help to students wthin the same department or school. In particular, they:

  • Help new students as they begin their academic studies
  • Provide advice and guidance on being a student in the same department
  • Offer support on how to make the most of the university experience, whether studying on campus or from a distance
  • Help bring the Royal Holloway community together
  • Help students to understand diversity

What is the Peer Guidance Scheme?

We recruit and train second and final year undergraduate students, as well as continuing postgraduate students, to help guide new undergraduate students through their first year at Royal Holloway. 

The relationship between Peer Guides and their first year student is informal, non-academic and provides a non-judgmental level of advice and guidance about being a student at Royal Holloway. If necessary, the Peer Guide will refer students who need more structured support to one of our specialist Student Wellbeing teams.


Please note: applications to become a Peer Guide for 2020/21 are now closed.


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