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Luke 2020



Jon 2020

Jon Howden-Evans         



Careers Consultants

We offer support to help you narrow down your options, work out the best way forward and apply for jobs or further study. We also work closely with academic departments to provide tailored advice and events linked to your discipline or area.

Simon 2020

Simon Mantell

Deputy Director

Academic Departments:

  • Electronic Engineering & Year-in-Business
  • Computer Science & Big Data Year-in Business
  • Maths
  • Information Security & Year-in-business

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Doreen 2020

Doreen Thompson-Addo

Academic Departments:

  • Philosophy
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Geography
  • Earth Sciences
  • Researcher Development Program - (PhDs) 

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 Ed 2020

Ed McLean

Academic Departments:

  • Economics and Year In Business
  • Management and Year in Business
  • Finance & Accountancy

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Gemma 2020

Gemma Seabrook

Academic Departments:

  • Social Work
  • Physics
  • Law
  • Criminology & Sociology

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 Jo 2020

Jo Edmondson

Academic Departments:

  • Drama
  • Media Arts
  • Modern Languages
  • Music

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 Louise 2020

Louise Ogle

Academic Departments:

  • Classics
  • History
  • English & Creative Writing

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 Siobhan 2020

Siobhan Swindells

Academic Departments:

  • Psychology
  • Biological Sciences

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Employer Engagement and Events

We bring employers onto campus to help you find jobs, refine your career choices and improve your chances of application success, through our varied programme of fairs, alumni panels, employer presentations, skills sessions and one-to-ones. Our Careers Portal also advertises 1400+ graduate jobs, placements and part-time roles.

Gianina 2020

Gianina Harvey-Brewin

Head of Operations and Employer Programming

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 Liz 2020

Liz Chapman

Senior Employer Engagement Officer

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Fareeha 2020

Fareeha Adnan

Employer Engagement Officer - Events

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 Nikki 2020

Nikki Pickford

Employer Engagement Officer - Events

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We run the Micro-Placements Scheme for second year undergraduate students, working closely with the academic schools. We also offer careers workshops, CV assessment, and interviews as part of the application process.
Katharina 2020

Katharina Waters 

Head of Placements and Student Experience

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 Lisa 2020

Lisa Cummings

Senior Placements and Student Experience Officer

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Emily 2020

Emily Hertzell

Placements Officer

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We support students to pursue excellent opportunities in the local community. Many of these students have graduated and become leaders in the third sector, as well as other industries. We work across multiple departments to ensure that as many students as possible get the chance to increase their skills, meet new people and make a difference through community engagement.

Phil 2020

Phil Simcock

Volunteering Manager

  • Community Action partners
  • Student Leadership Programme
  • Voluntary Work placements
  • Optional Placement Year

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 Luke 2020

Luke Russell

Volunteering Coordinator

  • Social Action community projects
  • Volunteering Abroad
  • Student Opportunities Fund
  • DBS applications

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Louise McGarr 2020

Louise McGarr

Volunteering Community Research Coordinator

  • Community Research Hub

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