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Wellbeing on Weekdays

Our programme of skills based or psycho-educational workshops, groups, social events, campaigns and faith services are led by the Wellbeing department teams


Wellbeing on Weekdays 2021 - 2022

Our programme of Wellbeing on Weekdays (WoW) events are designed to offer you skills based support to maintain your personal wellbeing and to learn skills which will become transferable in the workplace.  The events are faciliated by a range of staff from the Wellbeing department often supported by colleagues from Professional Services or the Academy. Some events will be held in person and some on MS Teams when an invite will be sent to registered participants. We've also included wellbeing at the weekend opportunities with our multifaith chaplaincy services and events. 

Summer term 2022 WoW Programme 

Event details will be removed after the WoW event has taken place.

Multifaith Chaplaincy: Weekly services     
     Term 3

Multifaith Chaplaincy services



Evening Worship (Christians Together)



Catholic Mass

Monday - Friday


Morning Prayer (with Choir on Wednesday) - a short service with a thought for the day and music from the Choir of Royal Holloway. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday


Evening Prayer - a chance to reflect and pray at the end of the day with Orion, Anglican Chaplain. 



The Table: Shared Communion - an informal communion led by Orion, Anglican Chaplain.  All welcome. 



Choral Evensong (Sung by Chapel Choir) - a traditional service of Choral Evensong sung by the Choir of Royal Holloway.  All are welcome and no commitment is required. 



Catholic Mass 



Friday Prayers (Muslim Prayer Room, Wettons Annexe)

Wellbeing: Mental Health Awareness Week.  9-15 May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week, an innovation started by the Mental Health Foundation, is an annual event providing the opportunity for us all to focus on working towards good mental health but also encouraging people to seek support where needed for their mental health.  

This year the theme of the week is loneliness something which can impact on us all during our lives and which can be a challenging emotion to navigate.  The Mental Health Foundation report that loneliness is affecting more and more of us and that this has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health during the pandemic.  We all recognise that reducing loneliness is an important step in developing a mentally healthy society.

Everyone will experience feelings of loneliness every so often and this is a very personal experience so loneliness will be different for everyone.  Our common understanding of loneliness is the emotion we experience when our need for social contact and relationships with other people is not met.  It is not the same as being alone - spending time alone can be positive perhaps for you to study with quiet, to achieve your exercise goals, to meditate or just to sit down and catch up on Netflix, Amazon Prime box sets.  We recommend Heartstopper currently available on Netflix!

Looking after our mental health is particularly important during the exams and assessments period.  Led by our Wellbeing department during Mental Health Awareness Week we will be providing ideas and opportunities for your to take short breaks from your study to refresh and re-connect with others.  You can find all the suggestions and events in the content boxes below. 



MHAW: Monday 9 May - Take a campus walk with friends

In the exams and assessment period you may spend more time on your own than usual so it is important to balance this out and make time for social engagement and conversation.

We suggest you take advantage of our amazing short campus walks to take a break from the books and online resources and re-connect with your friends.  

Whilst you're out why not take a photo of you and your friends and share with us on social media?  You can find us on Instagram and Twitter as @RH_Wellbeing.

MHAW: Monday 9 May - SU Give It A Go: Reptile Experience 

This is a Students' Union Give it a Go event.

Spending time with animals and pets is well known to be great at reducing feelings of social isolation and in helping people to connect and feel less lonely.

As part of their Give it a Go programme of events the SU have organised the return of the reptiles to campus!

You can go along to the SU and handle a variety of snakes and lizards as well as a tortoise and baby crocodile. Yes that's right, a real life crocodile. It's always a popular event so pop down and see what all the fuss is about.

Excellent Instagram story opportunities included! 

The event takes place between 4pm and 6pm in the SU Main Hall.  It's free entry and does not require booking.


MHAW: Tuesday 10 May - Look after your mate workshop

This interactive Student Minds workshop run by Royal Holloway Wellbeing aims to empower students to support friends experiencing mental health difficulties. the workshop will run from 2pm - 4pm and be held in the Large Boardroom, Founder's West

The workshop will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to support these individuals; whilst looking after your own mental health too.”

Students will receive a certificate on completion.  Register via Eventbrite.

Please note that some of the workshop content may cause unwelcome and distressing memories or thoughts for some students. Please contact if you would like to discuss whether this workshop is suitable for you

MHAW: Tuesday 10 May - Mini massages (Students' Union)

Brought to you by the Students' Union  - the ultimate stress buster is back.

Free mini massages (5 minutes) will be available in Tommy's Lounge between 12pm - 2pm. There is no need to book  you can just turn up and enjoy a short relaxing break.

MHAW: Wednesday 11 May - Wellbeing roadshow

On Wednesday 11 May the Wellbeing department supported by other university teams will be based in the Davison building between 11am and 3pm to showcase our suppport, run taster sessions, and answer your questions about mental health and wellbeing.  

During the day there will be representatives from the Wellbeing department available in the foyer all day along with colleagues from CeDAS.  We'll also be joined by volunteers from the local Samaritans branch who will be demonstrating their app and answering questions about their valuable support with our counsellors being available through the day to offer tips and advice. 

Mental Health Awareness Week: Wellbeing roadshow 

Understanding Anxiety / Changing Perspective

Jane will run a short session enabling you to understand more about anxiety and share tips on how you can successfully change your perspective.


Yoga breathing and singing

Nickie and Susan will introduce you to the benefits of yoga breathing and singing for positive mental health

Events space

Meet the Counsellors

Learn more about how counselling may help you and get tips from the team about combatting feelings of loneliness and how to connect with others.


Meet the Chaplains

Chat to our friendly chaplaincy team and understand more about how they support our whole university community and the opportunities their services and events provide to meet and engage with other students.  


Meet the Disability & Neurodiversity teams

Learn more about the support that we can assist with for disability, neurodiversity, mental health and long term medical conditions.  The team can also answer questions about reasonable adjustments, registering with the team and applying for DSA.  


Meet the Financial Advice team

Are you struggling with your finances?  Come and talk to the team to get advice on budgeting, financial capability and the opportunities that are available to apply for financial support via our Study Support Grant. 


Meet the Mental Health team

Our Mental Health Practitioners can offer tips on all aspects of your mental health and can help you with feeling confident about connecting with others and limiting social isolation. 


Meet the Wellbeing Advisers

Our Wellbeing Advisers support thousands of students each academic year and so have experience of a huge variety of wellbeing challenges and how they can support you in overcoming and managing these.  Do come and say hello to the team. 


Team game

Led by Phil

Event space

Meet the Harassment & Wellbeing Advisers

Our Harassment Advisers are a brilliant new addition to the team this academic year and are leading on our response to issues of concern around harassment and violence.  Chat to them about our White Ribbon accreditation and learn more about how to be an ally in preventing violence against women and girls. 


Meet the International Advice team

Culture shock can be an area of concern for international students and these feelings can arise at any time when you are away from your home country experiencing a new country and culture.  Our team can help you manage this and support you in having the best experience whilst in the UK.


MHAW: Wednesday 11 May - Postgraduate Tea & Cakes (Student's Union) 

Calling all postgraduate students!  

Want to meet more of your PG cohort?

The SU are giving you the opportunity to meet other postgraduate students over tea and cake.

Join them in Tommy's Lounge between 2pm  - 4pm on Wednesday.

It's free entry and there's no need to book.


MHAW: Thursday 12 May - Coping strategies during the assessment period with your Wellbeing Advisers

Feeling stressed? Come along to our group drop in session for tips and informal discussion about using self care and relaxation during stressful times:

MHAW: Thursday 12 May - Connect through volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding activities you can do and is a great opportunity to connect with others.  Volunteering enables you to gain confidence, make a difference. learn new skills, meet new people, be a member of the community and have fun!  

Our amazing Volunteering team co-ordinate a wide range of volunteering activities that will help you connect with others and bring benefit to the wider community.  Everyone has a skill set that can be utilised to identify a volunteering opportunity that you will enjoy and learn from. 

If you would like to know more about Royal Holloway Volunteering you can find the team in the Volunteering Hub, located in Windsor Walk at the side of the Davison Building next to the Students' Union shop.

The hub is open from 10am-4pm every weekday during term time. 

You can visit the hub to: 

  • Explore volunteering projects to get involved with
  • Discover new ways to develop your skills
  • Learn how you can make a difference in the community
  • Meet other students engaged in opportunities
  • Much more!


MHAW: Thursday 12 May - SU Advice Centre drop in

During the exam period, the SU Student Advisors will be in the Emily Wilding Davison building (library atrium), giving out free fruit and water to students to help energise you during the stressful exam term.

The Advisors will be in the library along with some of the sabbatical officers with freebies to help keep you going during your revision. You can speak to an advisor about any worries you have about your exams, and find out how the Advice Centre can support you.

Call in to meet the SU team between 11am and 3pm on Thursday.

Stressbusters: Free fruit and water!


MHAW: Friday 13 May - Chit chat 

Feeling lonely or just want to come and chat?  Come and join Emma and Phil to have a chat and connect with others.  Snacks may also be involved....

1pm  - 3pm; venue to be confirmed (weather dependent)

MHAW: Friday 13 May - Fifteen things to do if you're feeling lonely

The following advice was created in partnership between the Mental Health Foundation and Leaders Unlocked as part of the #UnlockLoneliness campaign.

They share tips and advice to help you cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation. These have been written with care, for you, by other young people.

Whatever it is that makes you feel lonely, and whatever loneliness means to you – know that we are here with you and want to help.

Monday 30 May: Twentieth annual Hellenic lecture - with Multifaith Chaplaincy

Twentieth annual Hellenic lecture 

Looking East in Winter: Contemporary Thought and the Eastern Christian Tradition

The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Lord Rowan Williams of Oystermouth 

In the Western world today in many ways we seem to be living in wintry times.  In his lecture the former Archbishop of Canterbury and eminent scholar of Eastern Christian thought will reflect on Orthodox Christian spirituality.  Based on his new book and taking as a point of departure the desert Fathers of the fourth century he will look at philosophers, novelists and activists of our modern world in search of inspiration that brings light and warmth in our lives.  He will show how this rich tradition opens up new ways of thinking about spirit and body, prayer and action, worship and social transformation.  He will offer a vision of a world where Eastern Christian thought and experience offers an enlightened way to face our contemporary impasses, a 'climate and landscape of our humanity that can indeed be warmed and transfigured'.

  • Monday 30 May 2022
  • 6pm in the Chapel
  • Preceded by a service of Choral Evensong at 5:30pm.
  • All are welcome
  • For further information please conact 

Lord Williams served as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury; the first Welsh successor to St Augustine of Canterbury and the first since the mid-thirteenth centrury to be appointed from beyond the English Church.  He headed and particiapted in many theological, ecumenical and educational commissions. An eminent scholar, a poet and a devoted teacher, he has written extensively on philosophy, theology, spirtuality, religious aesthetics, contemporary cultural issues, and interfaith dialogue. 













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