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Your engagement requirements

It is important that you attend your teaching sessions, whether they are in person or online and engage with your studies during your degree course at Royal Holloway. This is because research shows that students with good attendance and engagement levels tend to achieve better academic results and we are committed to supporting you as a student so that progress with your studies.

We’ll know you’re engaged when you’re:

  • Logging attendance at classes
  • Using Moodle.
  • Submitting assessments.

You can log your attendance by following this link, or scanning the QR code below. You may wish to save the link for easier use in the future! 

student QR code

Engagement Policy 2022-23

For more information, please see the Engagement Policy 2022-23 here.

Engagement Requirements Matrix by School

For more information on Engagement requirements by School, please see here

As a student you are expected to:-

  • Attend scheduled learning sessions (online or in person), for example but not limited to, lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, field trips, orals, laboratory session, PC Labs and practicals
  • Arrive punctually to all teaching activities, completing any preparation required for the teaching session (e.g. reading or research).*
  • Record your attendance at scheduled teaching activities
  • Attend meetings and other activities as required by your department(s).
  • Undertake all assessments.
  • Use Moodle and the other learning resources available to you
  • If you are absent follow the notification of absence process.
  • You should also advise your School of any absence if your assessments have been affected by the absence
  • Manage your time effectively, so that any paid employment, voluntary work, extracurricular activities or social commitments do not conflict with your responsibilities for attendance and engagement with your studies, as a student of the College.
  • Students enrolled with the College on a full-time basis must not exceed 20 hours per week paid work during term time. International students must ensure that any working restrictions, as stated on their visa, are also adhered to.


Who records my attendance?

In most cases, you are responsible for recording your attendance, although some activities may have attendance recorded by a member of teaching staff.

Where teaching staff are taking the register it is your responsibility to make sure the tutor knows you are in attendance. This will ensure your attendance is accurately recorded.

What sessions do I need to record my attendance at?

You should record your attendance for each teaching activity shown on your timetable at the time the activity is taking place, you won’t be able to record it later.

How do I record my attendance?

You can record your attendance on the Attendance page

The teaching activity that is taking place at the time will show and you can record how you are attending the session by clicking on the ‘in person’ or ‘online’ button

For online only activities, only an online button will show.

I have changed module or teaching activity and it doesn’t show on my timetable?

If you have switched course or teaching activity, this can take up to a week to update on your timetable. When you attend this activity the following week, if you still cannot register your attendance, you should contact your School in case you have been registered on the wrong module or activity.

Who monitors engagement requirements?

  • Student Administration monitors your attendance
  • Your School monitors your academic engagement and progress. You can find out more information about your attendance and engagement requirements in your departmental student handbook. 

Why is engagement monitored

The College monitors attendance and academic engagement in order to offer you appropriate academic and pastoral support and to identify where support from central services such as Student Advisory and Wellbeing may be necessary.

Unable to see your session on the Attendance page

If you are unable to record your attendance due to it not appearing on your attendance schedule on the Attendance page, please complete the ‘unable to see your session’ section during the time the activity is taking place. If Student Administration can match it, we will update your record.

Difficulty attending classes

The College understands that sometimes there are circumstances that are out of your control that mean you are absent from the College. Where possible, you should let us know in advance but on the day is OK too. You should follow the notification of absence process.

If you are experiencing ongoing difficulties causing you to miss classes, please contact your Personal Tutor. You can also get advice and further support from the Wellbeing team, or contact the Student Services Centre.

Under the Equality Act 2010, you may request an adjustment to  attendance and engagement  requirements. Any need to adjust attendance and engagement requirements will be treated case by case and discussed by the department with the Disability and Dyslexia Services, the Academic Quality and Policy Office and Student Administration.

What will happen if I don't record my attendance?

If you regularly fail to record your attendance, your School will be notified and you may be asked to meet with your personal tutor to discuss this, so the College can offer you support in engaging with your studies, including attending scheduled teaching activities.

If following this meeting, you are still not engaging with your studies (of which attendance is a part) at an appropriate level as determined by your School, then your School may decide to take disciplinary action via the formal warning process outlined in the Academic Regulations


What are the consequences of not attending and engaging with my studies?


Notification of absence

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