Global events and emergencies

Supporting you with global events and emergencies

Unfortunately from time to time members of our diverse and global student and staff community will be impacted by humanitarian disasters, major global emergencies and conflict. At these times often words cannot fully convey the impact of these events but as a University community we are committed to offer the best support we can. 

With increasing tensions across the globe and constant media and social media coverage it can prove difficult to predict how things will affect us, either directly or indirectly, and can be difficult to naviagate the support that is available.We encourage students and staff to access the support available so we can help. On this page you will find details of how we can support our community and how we can offer help to countries in need.  

Support for students

All our wellbeing teams in the Directorate of Student Life are ready to offer support for students who are impacted by global events.  All teams have experience in supporting and talking with people who are experiencing anxiety, fear and grief. 

If you are finding it difficult to focus on your studies as you are closely affected by global events you should reach out to to your School Office or Personal Adviser for academic advice and support.  They will also be able to provide guidance on the mitigation process.  

Support for staff

Your Line Manager, or Human Resources will be able to offer you advice and guidance for your personal circumstances.

You can also make use of the support provided by the Employee Wellbeing Programme run by Confidential Care.  Support includes access to counselling, advice on family care, financial management and legal guidance 

Our inclusive and supportive community 

As we all navigate challenging global events it is important that we continue to draw strength from each other and prioritise being kind and compassionate to all those around us. We expect our campus community to be a supportive and welcoming one, where everyone is treated with respect and where we are all appreciative of the diversity of our students and staff and the benefits this brings. 

We also recognise that freedom of speech and academic freedom are core values and that open debate and discussion is central to learning and development.  We encourage students and staff to actively engage in academic discussion of complex global issues and to express their views, expecting that where there is constructive disagreement this is shared with civility and in a lawful way. 

We are committed to addressing behaviour which does not meet our expectations or actions which are unlawful.

Reporting inappropriate behaviour 

Reports can be made through RH Be Heard - report to us, either as named or anonymous reports, to the University Security team, and where there is criminal behaviour to Surrey Police or anonymously to Crimestoppers. 

Students can also speak with our Wellbeing Advisers or Chaplains for guidance. 

We have security provision 24/7 on our Egham campus. You can contact them by visiting the security reception in Founder's East, by calling 01784 443063 or

In London you can speak to the reception team at 11 Bedford Square. 

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