Moving into Halls


We’re looking forward to welcoming you onto campus and in order to make your arrival as smooth and safe as possible we’re designing the check in process with your safety in mind. We will be operating an extended arrivals period over 12 days from Saturday 12 September to Tuesday 22 September and in order to maintain social distancing there will be a limited number of arrival slots available each day running from 8am to 6pm.

You will be able to see availability and book your slot as part of completing the Induction and Arrivals modules on the Online Accommodation System. These modules will be made available to you in early September 2020 and you will recieve an email inviting you to complete these modules when they open.

Once you have completed these modules, you will be given a designated check in zone and when you arrive  on campus, you will be able to drive to this zone and check into your halls whilst remaining in your car. You will then be directed to your move in location where members of staff will be on hand to help you.

Safety Measures

In the current situation we’re making changes to the way we manage arrivals to Halls to ensure that all our students and staff are as safe as possible. We are therefore introducing a number of safety measures in line with government guidance:

  • Face coverings should be worn by students and guests at all times.
  • There will be gloves available at all move in locations as well as sanitiser for hands and moving in equipment (trollies). 
  • When you check into your Halls you will be forming a household with your flat and any government guidance in place for households will apply.
  • The number of people who enter a flat should be kept to a minimum, and you should have no more than one visitor with you in the flat at any time when you are moving in.
  • No individuals under the age of 16 are permitted to enter the flat.
  • Once you have moved your belongings into your room there should be no visitors in the flat.
  • There will be areas available for you and your parents/helpers once you have moved in.  

How do I book my arrivals slot?

You will be sent an email in early September asking you to complete an induction module through the Online Accommodation System which covers information about living in halls and your commitments as a resident. Once you have completed the induction module you will be able to move onto the arrivals module and book your moving in slot.

Will I be charged extra for moving in early?

You will not be charged any additional fees for moving in between the 12 September and the 22 September 2020.


What happens if I’m flying into the UK and my flight arrives outside of the 8am-6pm bookable slots?

If you are unable to avoid arriving outside of the check in slots please visit your Hall Reception to check into your room. If you are arriving outside of Hall reception opening times you will need to visit the College Security Office in Founder's East, next to the visitors centre.

Where is my check in zone?

You will be given detailed information about where to go to check in in the arrivals module.

  • Pink Zone - North A30 Car Park 14 for George Eliot, Penrose and Highfield
  • Green Zone - Main Campus Car Park 12/Hockey Pitch for Founder’s
  • Purple Zone/Red Zone - Main Campus Car Park 4 for Gowar & Wedderburn, Williamson, Tuke Butler, Runnymede 1, Runnymede 2, Reid
  • Blue Zone - Kingswood Car Park for Kingswood 1 and 2

Please do not worry if you are unsure of where to go, on your arrival day there will be plenty of staff around to point you in the right direction.

Zone Map.

How do I check in if I am arriving by taxi?

If you are arriving by taxi you will be directed to the check-in zone for your Hall where a dedicated lane will be available for Taxi check-ins. Once you have checked in you will be directed to your move in location. 

I’m arriving from a country that needs to self isolate for 14 days on arrivals what should I do?

If you’re arriving in england from a country that requires you to self isolate, we are offering accommodation to allow you to do this before you then move into your allocated room in Halls. You will recieve an email with further information about this process in mid/late August in the meantime please see our guidelines for self isolation. If you're not sure if you need to self isolate please see the UK's governments guidance.

If I arrive outside of the standard arrivals period (12 - 22 September 2020) will I be charged less?

If you arrive after the standard arrival period for reasons outside of your control we will align your contract start date and accommodation fees with your check in date as long as you have enrolled online. Please note that student's starting their studies in September 2020 are expected to move into their room prior to the start of term two.

What should I do if I can no longer arrive during my booked arrivals slot?

You can amend your arrival slot by revisiting the arrivals module on the online accommodation system prior to your selected move in date (subject to availability.)

What should I do if the day I want to arrive is fully booked?

To ensure we are adhering with social distancing regulations and to keep everybody safe we have to limit the number of people who can move into Halls within each arrival period. We appreciate your support with the adherence to guidelines and recommend you select another available slot.

If you are flying into the UK and the arrivals slots for the day you arrive are fully booked please email the customer services team.

Where can I find information about arriving if my course starts in January?

If your course starts in January we will be allocating and sending out offers from early November and we will be sharing information about the arrivals process in December. 

What should I do if I arrive after the start of term?

If you are arriving after term has started you do not need to book an arrivals slot to arrive on campus. When you arrive you should visit your Hall reception to check into your room.

Whilst you do not need to book an arrivals slot we recommend that you complete the induction module on the online accommodation system prior to moving in as this gives you lots of useful information about living in halls.