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Do you need accommodation on campus during the Christmas vacation?

Accommodation during the Christmas vacation is available from Saturday 11 December to Sunday 9 January inclusive. If you would like to apply for accommodation during this time period, please complete our vacation residence form and return it to our Customer Services team by 10pm on Wednesday 8 December. Please note that although every effort will be made to allocate you to your term-time room, in some instances it may not be available.

Our aim is to provide you with quality accommodation in Halls, together with efficient services delivered by friendly staff.

Whether you’re living on or off campus, you’re part of our community, so we will support you with accommodation advice and guidance. You can find out more about your accommodation options in this section.



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Support and assistance is available.

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How to leave Halls, move into Halls, change your room in Halls, and move into private sector accomodation in the local area.

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