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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing help and advise students throughout their studies at Royal Holloway.

We are here to make students aware of the advice and wellbeing services available and would always encourage students to come forward to seek help and advice. 

Coming to Royal Holloway will be a big change for all students and adapting to university life can be difficult but we encourage students to embrace opportunities and make the most of their time at Royal Holloway.  If you would like to discuss what support is available to you during your time as a student here please contact the team. University is not always a plain sailing journey and we are here to listen and help when you most need it. Also if you are worried about a friend do get in touch.

What we do

Provide support and advice on wellbeing for all students.

Offer triage appointments with referral to other services where appropriate.

Manage the cause for concern processes.

Encourage members of the campus community to alert us to concerns or vulnerability and encourage students to seek advice and guidance when needed - before the issue becomes overwhelming.

Assist with the transition and adjustment to university life. 

Support students in the continuation of their studies and enable them to make the most of their all-round experience at Royal Holloway.

Health and wellbeing campaigns and events including alcohol & drugs awareness and education and promotion of good wellbeing.

Co-ordinate and implement the Be A Good Neighbour strategy with support available for students living locally.

Offer and manage support and follow up for complex issues including harassment, crime, and sexual violence. 

Wellbeing encompasses physical, mental and sexual health, stress, tiredness, relationships & lifestyle choices. Wellbeing and studying go hand in hand, if one is suffering then it is bound to impact the other. Everybody has times when their wellbeing suffers, this may be temporary or more longer term. Either way the most important thing is knowing who to contact if you want support, information or advice.

Throughout the year we work with the Students' Union to promote wellbeing campaigns and events.  Look out for our wellbeing events on campus and in the community during the year and keep up to date with what is happening via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Head of Student Wellbeing:
Lee Fellows (from December 2018)

Wellbeing Adviser:

Kate Corti

Wellbeing Adviser:

Emma Watson 

Wellbeing Adviser:

Susan Eastburn 

Community Support Co-ordinator:
Amanda Ellis

Community Wellbeing Advisers:

Liz Hudson

Phil Simcock

Susan Waud

Carolyne Wishart 


Student Advisory & Wellbeing staff directory

Out of hours support

Who to contact out of University hours

Talking with each other

Worried about a friend

Advice for when you have concerns about a fellow student


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Maintaining your wellbeing

Wellbeing advice from academic issues to sleep and insomnia

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Relationships & Personal Life

Having healthy relationships and information about mediation

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Staying safe

Personal safety, crime prevention and Campus Watch

Royal Holloway in the summer

Staying well

Alcohol and drugs, physical and mental health

Gal pals

Be a good neighbour

Support for off-campus students, recycling and other advice

Founder's Building and the Windsor Building from the a

Support for Under 18s

Support, advice and our duty of care for minors

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Support and advisory services publications

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